Smoky Quartz Healing & Transformation

There’s still time to win!
Ruby Dragon’s biggest drawing ever is ending this week, and you can win this whopping 16-pound Smoky Quartz Cluster with a $25 purchase right here in our online shop!
Smoky Quartz is a powerfully cleansing crystal, known as the ‘Roto-Rooter’ for stuck emotions or blocked energy.
Unique in its ability to root out the underlying cause of emotional, mental, or physical imbalances, Smoky Quartz is perfect for clearing work on every level.

The large piece we are giving away will make a lasting contribution to your home as it will continuously recharge your environment with higher vibrations. What does that mean?
Smoky Quartz can promote harmony in relationships, inspiring clear and positive communication free from judgment. This crystal can help you release the past, letting go of old pain or resentments to create renewed, loving connections with others.
Highly protective, Smoky Quartz will shield you (and your home!) from unwelcome or undesirable influences.
An amazing “Stone of Transformation,” Smoky Quartz transmutes negative or heavy energy into lighter frequencies and initiates spiritual expansion.
It can connect you to your higher knowing, propelling you to embrace change with optimism and faith in every new experience.
This beautiful quartz rids your physical and energetic body of fear, grief, anger, stress, and any issues that are no longer of service or in the highest good.
It further assists in achieving goals, creating abundance, and elevating the soul.
Win yourself the gift of renewal with this stunning Smoky Quartz! Make any $25 purchase now through December 15th and we will enter your name into our drawing. Bring this beautiful baby home in time for the holidays!

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