Shungite IS the Stone of Life!

Cleansing, balancing, recharging, and healing--all in one remarkable stone! Shungite has become known as a "Stone of Life" because of its almost unbelievable healing properties! It contains Fullerenes, made up of carbon atoms, which behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals.

Shungite is THE stone for protection from EMF creates an energetic shield in any space to block electronic frequencies from computers, cell phones, TVs and more! Placing Shungite plates under laptops or pyramids in your environment dissipates harmful energies and cleanses every molecule with its radius on a continual basis.

Shungite purifies water, and is even being used in developing countries for this purpose. Making a gem elixir with Shungite is as easy as soaking a stone in water before drinking, and the benefits are phenomenal as it helps detoxify the body, too!

Shungite/Tulikivi Harmonizers are effective tools that can assist in fine-tuning our energy while recharging and restoring vitality our bodies. According to research, harmonizers help act upon our biological and energetic activity to impart thorough healing, remove blocked energy, withdraw nervous strain and headache, and maintain vigor, vivacity and fresh views on life!
Using Harmonizers twice a day for increasing periods of time has proven health benefits, bringing balance and harmony into our physical, emotional, mental and etheric energies.

You can wear it, display it, hold it, and drink it--any way you use Shungite, you will feel profound benefits from this marvelous mineral. The power of crystals never ceases to amaze and delight, and Shungite is one of those stone you will definitely want to add to your own collection and wellness practice! 

(It should be noted researchers have found that people with certain health issues should refrain from using harmonizers, as this powerful energy could affect physical well-being. These include: acute heart diseases--cardiac infarction, stenocardia attacks, anyone with a pacemaker; also chronic illness, mental illness, high degree of hypertension, acute infectious diseases with high body temperature, or pregnancy.)

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  • with a pacemaker is it safe to keep the shunghite in the room, near a computer or a modem, without keeping it in contact with the body? In these case could shunghite still create an energetic shield in to block electromagnetic frequencies from computers, cell phones, TVs and other harmful frequencies and energies? Thanks for your reply. Regards. Alessandro

    Alessandro Perini

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