Shungite Healing for Body and Home

A remarkable “Stone of Life,” this week’s versatile healer is SHUNGITE!

Shungite contains carbon molecules called Fullerenes that provide effective protection from environmental pollution and free radicals.

This unique beauty powerfully cleanses, purifies, and recharges your body, home, crystals and more:

•In your home:
♦Absorbs and dissipates EMF radiation from electronics & cellphones
♦Clears negative or ‘stuck’ energy from your space
♦Inspires calm, harmonious interactions between people
♦Alleviates insomnia or ‘monkey mind’ when placed by your bed

•Wearing or working with Shungite:
♦Lessens physical strain, inflammation, nerve or muscle pain
♦Improves circulation, blood flow, and cellular health
♦Soothes anxiety, stress, tension, and worry
♦Increases vitality, focus, and motivation
Shungite Healing Stories: 
Penny (our owner!) recently suffered a knee injury and was having difficulty walking. She put on a Shungite knee pad and wore it for a few days. 
Penny is thrilled to report her knee pain is nearly gone and she ascribes the quick recovery to Shungite.  
A friend of Penny's was diagnosed with tennis elbow (tendinitis) after years of repetitive motion in her career. She wore a Shungite elbow pad for about a week, and called Penny in near disbelief at how much better her elbow feels. She has recovered full range of motion and is pain free! 
Shungite purifies water and can be used as a gem elixir to detoxify your body or any time you need a boost.

We have NEW •Flower of Life Charging Plates, •Pyramids, •Cellphone Stickers, •Merkabas, •Cubes, •Back, Knee & Elbow Pads, •Pendants, •Medallions, and •Prescription Bracelets in the shop and right here online ~ we ship!
*If you are interested in a Shungite piece NOT listed on our website, send us a message through our messenger link and we may be able to create a custom listing for you! 
You can wear it, display it, hold it, and drink it ~ any way you use Shungite, we know you will love it ~ come on in!

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