Selenite Crystal Healing Exercise!

Quick and easy Crystal Healing Exercise!
This simple, effective practice can be done any time you feel in need of a physical or energetic tune-up!
Selenite is such a versatile mineral, and we recommend to nearly all of our clients to have at least one ‘bar’ of Selenite in their living space and for clearing and cleansing other crystals.
Selenite is a “Stone of Purity,” constantly energizing and recharging any environment in which it is placed. A high vibration crystal, Selenite removes denser frequencies, sludge, or blockages and radiates powerful, healing Light energies.
This week’s crystal exercise utilizes Selenite in a way that can refresh and rejuvenate you in a matter of minutes!
For best results, use a Selenite Bar that measures approximately 12-15 inches in length (or two 8-inch bars would be great, too!). If you have individual Selenite pieces, these can also be used.
Lie down. Place the Selenite Bar down your centerline from your chest to your abdomen. If it is long enough, the bar will cover your Heart, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Chakras. These are the energy centers that are primarily responsible for our emotions, relationships, willpower, confidence, and so much more.
Note: If you have at least three (3) Selenite tumbled stones in your crystal collection, you can place these over the same chakras and receive nearly the same benefits.
Relax and focus on your breath as you feel your belly rise and fall with every inhale and exhale. Let the Selenite work its magic for at least 3 to 5 minutes—the longer you can leave this remarkable crystal in contact with your body, the better you are going to feel!
I use Selenite at least once a week to clear my body of any unwanted energies I may have unwittingly picked up or to remove blockages I might have created within myself. Stress, anxiety, exhaustion all float away when I rest with a large piece of Selenite and focus on lightness of being.
Give this exercise a try—we would love to hear your own healing stories with Selenite and other crystals!