Samadhi Quartz for Enlightenment!

Today’s enlightening crystal is PINK SAMADHI QUARTZ, a unique beauty from the Kullu Valley in the Himalayan Mountains of India.
Called the “Valley of the Gods,” this sacred region is considered one of the highest vibration spiritual locations in the world where people come to achieve states of Samadhi.
Samadhi is a deep state of contemplation and Oneness leading to enlightenment.
Samadhi Quartz was given its name because it holds the blissful energies of the Himalayas.
Samadhi Quartz is a versatile crystal ally for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing:
♦Gently clears and activates all Chakras and your aura
♦Imparts unconditional love, peace, and compassion
♦Strengthens connection to your spirit self and Source
♦Deepens understanding of your soul’s lessons and purpose
♦Sheds past burdens, suffering, resentment, anger, and heartache
♦Nurtures and supports harmonious thoughts and feelings
♦Renews inspiration, passion, and expansion in your life
♥Samadhi Quartz is a proficient physical healer, as well. It can alleviate inflammation, vertigo, pain, stress, and anxiety. It can improve brain function, immunity, circulation, and heart health!
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