Raw Versus Polished Crystal Energy

We started a new Facebook feature called Messaging Monday earlier this week, inviting our readers to ask questions they'd like us to answer about crystals or healing. 
We are off to a fantastic beginning, with a terrific question posed by Jill. She asked if raw crystals emit more energy than tumbled or polished pieces.
Whether you are drawn to raw or polished crystals is really a matter of personal preference or intention.

There is a sound argument that asserts the energy of a crystal is altered as soon as it is removed from its natural environment.  Once mined, most crystals undergo a process of cleaning which can include scrubbing, vinegar or baking soda solutions and even acid baths. This is done to remove sediment, iron, calcium and other deposits from the surface. Does this affect the energy of a crystal? Maybe. It also reveals the beauty of the crystal beneath and may allow its innate energy to move more freely.
Now for the raw versus polished debate.

Take Lemurian Quartz, for example. The horizontal surface striations unique to these crystals is purported to be their source of energy. According to lore, the Lemurian beings who inhabited Earth eons ago supposedly inscribed light codes or wisdom teachings into the crystals before they traveled on to alternate realms, leaving these to be discovered in recent years.
Some Lemurian crystals are polished and the striations disappear from the surface. This can make it a bit challenging to visually identify an authentic Lemurian Quartz crystal unless you’re familiar with its energy or purchase one from a reputable vendor who verifies the crystal’s origins.
Based on our example of Lemurian Quartz, we believe the vibration of this crystal or any other remains largely unchanged, whether it has been polished, tumbled, or left in its original state. Ultimately, the quartz maintains its original vibration WITHIN the structure of the crystal though to some it may feel gentler in frequency or strength.

In our experience, tumbled and polished stones are wonderful tools for crystal healing or meditation practices as they can be readily held or laid on the body. In fact, Azurite is mildly toxic in its natural state, so a tumbled piece might be the better option for contact with the skin.
 Polished stones also exert plentiful energy when used in crystal grids right alongside raw pieces of quartz or other minerals. There is a veritable world of raw and polished crystals to satisfy every preference.
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