Prescription Bracelets ~ Nature's Remedy!

At Ruby Dragon, we created our Prescription Bracelet Bar nearly two years ago. We often refer to this incredible selection of crystal and gemstone stretch bracelets as “Nature’s Remedy” for nearly every area of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual need.
So today, I felt called to share some of our healing stories as inspiring validation of Mother Earth’s unique ability to help us feel and be our very best through the transformative and transcendent energies of her crystalline beauties.

The first Prescription Bracelet Bar story involves a gentleman who wanted a gift for a friend. He explained she was going through some big life changes recently and hoped he could find a crystal to help her feel more secure in the process.
We directed the man to the bracelet bar, because wearing crystals and stones offers continual energy and support. We suggested a Red Jasper bracelet for his friend, as Jasper (in all its many varieties) emits earthy, grounding vibrations.
Red Jasper gently activates the Root Chakra with soothing calm and a sense of stability. Red Jasper is protective and cleansing, infusing the energy bodies with serenity and alleviating fear or worry.
The gentleman picked a bright Red Jasper bracelet for his friend. He said he also connected with it and could use some energetic support in his own journey. We were delighted when he chose a bracelet for himself, too!

The next story is about a truly loving woman who has adopted 10 children over the years. They are now grown and trying to get established in their various careers. As with any brothers and sisters, there are tensions. When we heard her story, we suggested that she buy some Fluorite.
Fluorite reduces stress and urges people to cooperate and communicate with each other. Fluorite helps dispel anger and encourages a stronger focus on the positive in every experience. It also promotes deeper understanding and compassion for self and others. She said she needed a pile of it, so we helped her find 11 bracelets of beautiful Fluorite. She was so happy that she bought a few extra things for herself. She is a hero in our eyes.
This story is about a woman who bought a faceted Lapis Lazuli bracelet and loved it. She returned to the store and ordered 10 more for gifts for her daughters and nieces because she liked the energy of the stones.
The woman appreciated the empowering aspects of Lapis that impart creativity and clarity, as well as its ability to heighten intuition. She felt that her 'girls' would each benefit from wearing Lapis to continually receive the healing and transformative vibrations.
The following story involves a woman who came into the shop and expressed that she has been experiencing ongoing depression. She asked which bracelet could help her feel lighter and more engaged in life.
We talked with her for a while, discovering that her recent experience with depression was a result of past trauma in her childhood. We suggested she try on two bracelets, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite, because these gemstones can help release old pain or memories associated with abuse.
Almost immediately after placing the Rhodochrosite bracelet on her wrist, the woman said she felt a wave of peace pass through her body.
Rhodochrosite is an exceptional healer of emotional wounds, encouraging self-love as well as forgiveness. It also inspires resilience, harmony, and renewed passion for life. These qualities made Rhodochrosite a perfect match for the woman and she wore the bracelet right out of the shop, telling us she felt more empowered to finally let go of the past.

Finally is a beautiful story with a long-time customer, Jill, who came in and went straight to the Prescription Bracelet Bar.
We were surprised to see her looking at bracelets because Jill had just bought some the week before. Penny went over to help her and asked what she needed.
Jill said that she loved the bracelets so much and she wanted to replace some that she had given away. She also wanted to try to find a larger one for a friend.
We later discussed Jill and how we all practice healing in our own way. By listening to her friends, Jill knows the issues that need healing, assistance, or clearing. So, she can give them a gift of a pretty bracelet and give them a gift of healing at the same time.
We simply love our Prescription Bracelet Bar, the healing and transformation it provides to those in need, and our hearts are filled with joy every time we witness our customers express surprised delight at the immediate results the feel.
We also offer these fabulous bracelets in sets of three right here in our online shop—now you too can wear your healing on the go!

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