Prescription Bracelets for Life!

Each week, we share one of our incredible Prescription Bracelet Bar stories, and it has become an increasingly popular feature at Ruby Dragon.
So, why do we suggest people wear the crystal and gemstone bracelets?
Every single crystal, stone, or mineral emits unique vibrations. The different frequencies will link with our energy and physical bodies to generate healing where and when it is most needed.
For example, when a customer comes into the shop and tells us they want to feel more empowered, joyful, or inspired to make change, we might have them try on a CITRINE bracelet and ask them to sense whether they feel anything after a few minutes. 
Citrine connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is our center of will and personal power. This crystal promotes enthusiasm, clarity and passion for new endeavors. Citrine also emits uplifting vibrations to boost joy and confidence. It also awakens creativity and motivation, making Citrine an ideal crystal to use when beginning new projects or making significant life changes.
If Citrine is an appropriate vibrational match, the person may experience tingling, warmth, and even positive shifts in emotion or thought. Then, we know this particular crystal is the one they need!
It is so rewarding for us to help people achieve optimal well-being through the use of crystals, and our Prescription Bracelet Bar has helped further our mission to be of service in the community.
We will be adding our bracelets to the website with descriptions of their beneficial energies so you can shop from home and wear your crystal healing on the go!

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