Peace Crystal Grid!


Creating a CRYSTAL PEACE GRID for yourself, others, and even the world is a beautiful practice that can be done anytime!
The most common foundation for a Peace Grid is the Seed of Life or Flower of Life. Why do we need to understand these shapes as we create crystal grids for peace? Because, these sacred geometry forms symbolize the building blocks of all creation, and when you set your intentions for your crystal grid it is important to remember and call upon the interconnectedness of all things.

In fact, the Seed of Life—the original cells within the Egg of Life from which we are all created—remains intact throughout our lifetimes at the base of the tailbone or Base Chakra.
The Seed of Life is a stage before the Flower of Life. This more complex shape consisting of 19 overlapping circles leads to the ‘Fruit of Life,” which is the blueprint of the universe and everything in existence.
You can draw your own Seed or Flower of Life for your own crystal grid, or you can find a template online with a simple search. Refer to the example below on how to construct the Seed of Life—a bowl or coffee cup would suffice to ensure evenly sketched circles!

For the Peace Grid, the following stones are pictured above and serve as suggestions for your design. You can certainly choose any crystals and stones you wish. (Note: while this grid is shown atop a Flower of Life design, the Seed of Life will work, too!)


AQUAMARINE: (Center) A Stone of peaceful, flowing vibrations that connects with the High Heart Chakra. This is the energy center from which we draw upon our spiritual awareness in our daily lives, and Aquamarine reminds us to practice peace within and in all our relations.
ROSE QUARTZ: (Pink crystals - First Circle from Center) A Stone of loving, nurturing support connected with the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz encourages us to always lead with love in every circumstance.
CITRINE: (Yellow crystals – Second Circle from Center) A Stone of joyful, inspirational energies connected with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the energy center of our free will, and promotes positive empowerment in our actions.
FLUORITE: (Green & Purple crystals – Second Circle from Center) A Stone of cooperative, focused vibrations connected with the upper chakras from Heart to Crown. Fluorite is protective and soothing, inspiring us to initiate change with purpose.
AMETHYST: (Purple crystals – Second Circle from Center) A Stone of divine guidance and intuition connected with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Amethyst heightens our awareness of the highest good for ourselves and others.
JADE: (Green crystal – Outer Circle) – A Stone of good fortune and blessings, this crystal connects with the Heart Chakra and earth energies. A symbol of serenity and peace, Jade aids in shifting our self-imposed limitations into expansive, empowered intentions and actions.
BANDED AGATE: (Brown/White Striped crystals – Outer Circle) A Stone of grounding, stabilizing energies connected with the Base Chakra. Banded Agate strengthens mindful self-awareness and our sacred duty to support the well-being of all living things.
CLEAR QUARTZ (Outer Circle) – A Crystal of extremely high vibrations connected with the Crown and Soul Star Chakras. Clear Quartz amplifies and magnifies our intentions, exponentially multiplying the energies of all the crystals in this grid.

With the placement of each crystal, state the purpose of the stones. For example, “Let there peace within me and within every being on the planet.” Create your own mantra and intention for your grid.

Activate your grid by using a pointed crystal or your finger. Draw from the center stone outward; this can be done in lines and circles to connect their vibrations one to the next. Imagine and visualize as you activate your crystals that the energy is moving upward into the air, carried in every direction with your loving intentions for peace growing endlessly.
That’s it! Creating crystal grids is an empowering, meditative practice that can be done any time and for just about any reason.


Remember to make it personal, make it powerful, and make it fun!

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