November Birthstone Magic

NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS should be celebrated with TWO amazing birthstones, radiant TOPAZ and brilliant, sunny CITRINE!

Topaz comes in many colors--exhibiting pink, yellow, orange, purple and blue tones--and each of them are absolutely stunning!

YELLOW TOPAZ was once believed to be symbolic of the Egyptian Sun God Ra due to its fiery inner light, making it a much sought amulet and talisman of ancient times! Today, Topaz is associated with the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, making it a perfect birthday gift this month! 

Yellow Topaz is known as a "Stone of Resilience," instilling strength and determination to overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal with calm and centered focus. Connected with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is our emotional center and place of personal power, this vibrant stone imparts a balance of passion with reason.  This gorgeous November birthstone also brings harmony and inner peace, enhances spirituality and promotes wisdom! 

JOY, PROSPERITY, CONFIDENCE in the palm of your hand with CITRINE! As November's "other" Birthstone, this sunny yellow crystal radiates warmth and goodness to instill feelings of positive transformation within!
Like Yellow Topaz, Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and assists us in motivation, clarity, and strength as it calls our souls to action! Awakening creativity and inspiration, Citrine is an ideal crystal to use when beginning new projects or making significant life changes.

A "Stone of Prosperity," Citrine is a powerful manifestation aid, bringing in and sustaining abundance. It also impart feelings of generosity, which reminds us to be in the flow and pay our good fortune forward. Citrine also absorbs negativity and transmutes lower vibrations into light and protective energies on every level. A wonderful generator in any environment, Citrine offers us cleansing, clearing, and cohesiveness in our relationships with others!

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