New Year's Crystals!

This week, we are sharing our Ruby Dragon staff picks of crystals for the New Year. These crystals and stones can help you clarify intentions, surrender the past, and usher in new energies for your beautiful journey ahead.
Lead Dragoness Penny Harrington selected SMOKY QUARTZ & HERKIMER DIAMOND as her top picks for the New Year.
Penny says: Smoky Quartz is a wonderful crystal for clearing physical and emotional energies. Perfect for the New Year, Smoky Quartz can help you acknowledge and release what you no longer need to carry. The high vibration cleansing of Smoky Quartz can help restore the body to balance and flow.
Penny suggests that anyone who chooses to work with Smoky Quartz should be ready and willing to face any emotions that may come forward. She calls it the ‘Roto Rooter’ for stuck emotions, as it can facilitate deep release of grief or trauma. 
Herkimer Diamond is a “Light Bringer” that can raise your vibration and take your spiritual awareness to the next level.
Herkimer Diamond works well with other crystals and stones, acting as an amplifier of those energies to impart powerful healing and transformation.
A beautiful choice for the New Year, Herkimer Diamond can be programmed like Quartz to usher your intentions out into the universe.
Simone Laurent's crystal for 2019 is the enlightening ELESTIAL QUARTZ as it encourages spiritual insight and transformation.
In their natural state, Elestial crystals grow with stair-like terminations, which remind you that a new journey begins with a single step.
Elestial Quartz imparts multidimensional Light energy; it can strengthen intuition, uncover hidden potential, and reveal your true purpose. 
The Smoky inclusions of Elestial Quartz encourage you to go within, surrender limitations, and trust your soul’s guidance.
A powerful ally for the New Year, Simone suggests sitting with an Elestial for complete and compassionate release of the past. It clears physical and energetic blockages including old trauma from this or other lifetimes.
This unusual crystal can inspire swift and positive change with openness to receive the bountiful gifts awaiting you.

Laurine Tonkin’s top picks are brilliant BLUE KYANITE and APOPHYLLITE!
Laurine says working with or wearing Blue Kyanite is like being held in the arms of angels, feeling loved and supported by this uplifting beauty.
Blue Kyanite is an amazing stone for the Throat Chakra, as it will inspire you to speak your truth with confidence, courage and integrity. 
Wonderful for your New Year’s intentions, Blue Kyanite awakens creativity, clarity, and intuitive abilities. It alleviates hesitation and removes emotional or mental blockages to promote positive forward movement.
 Apophyllite and Blue Kyanite together make for a dynamic duo of heavenly energies to nourish your soul.
Laurine suggests holding a piece of Blue Kyanite with Apophyllite to communicate with your angels and guides. These crystals will allow you to receive their loving guidance with ease and grace.
If you’re prepared to leap into the New Year with open arms, Blue Kyanite and Apophyllite can help you spread your wings and fly!
Sharon Degnan chose beautiful BLACK OBSIDIAN for 2019.
Sharon loves using this reflective mineral for scrying. Scrying is a form of divination, and Black Obsidian is the original ‘mirror’ used by intuitive readers for centuries.
Obsidian is a powerful tool for healing and release work. It can support letting go of outdated beliefs or attachments and to create space for new beginnings.
Sharon says Obsidian is wonderful for the New Year as it imparts deeper appreciation of life, death and rebirth as part of our souls’ evolution in this realm. 
It alleviates fear of the unknown, heightens awareness, and can help you go with the flow in your journey.
Black Obsidian provides powerful physical and psychic protection and is a wonderful tool for spiritual journeying, manifesting intentions, or connecting with your guides.
Miley Cox's choice for the New Year is the gorgeous green BOWENITE!
Bowenite a “Stone of the Warrior” that promotes heart-centered courage and resilience. She loves that Bowenite teaches us to embrace our inner strength as well as practice compassion and gratitude.
Bowenite is a beautiful choice for the New Year as it promotes inspiration to confidently pursue your dreams. Its vibrations resonate with increased success and advancement, helping you attract the abundance you deserve.
Miley says Bowenite is perfect for healing as we begin 2019. It can help release suppressed feelings and encourages neutrality over negativity. Bowenite alleviates stress or anxiety and infuses the emotional body with peace.
If you’re ready to set new intentions, Bowenite is an excellent tool for bringing subconscious messages and desires to the surface. Offering support and motivation to make positive change, Miley calls Bowenite a “rock star” crystal for all spiritual warriors in 2019!
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