New Year Crystal Healing Exercise!

New Year’s Crystal Healing and Intention!
Near the end of each year, it is in our nature to reflect on the journey these previous 12 months. No doubt your year has been filled with highs and lows; you have faced challenges with courage and embraced beautiful moments with joy.
This crystal exercise is a powerful experience for release and manifestation as we bid 2018 farewell to begin a new year of hope and possibility.
 You will need:
*3 crystals or stones (Suggested crystals are offered below for each aspect. You can choose any others you like.)
*3 slips of paper and a pen or pencil
*A clear space to put your items for at least 24 hours (indoor or outdoor—your choice!)
You’re all set!

•On the first slip of paper, write one to three things you are choosing to release in the New Year. (Example: procrastination, unhealthy friendships/relationships, limitation, control, fear, doubt, etc.)

•Hold the stone or crystal in your hands and consider what you’ve written, allowing the energy of release to flow into it. (Suggested stones include: Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Onyx, or any dark stone as they absorb and transmute denser energies in release work).

•Fold the paper and place it in your chosen space. Put the stone on top of the paper, asking these aspects to be surrendered, healed and dissipated.

•For your second slip of paper, write one to three things you are intending for the New Year. (Example: learning how to paint, taking a class, self-love, speaking your truth more often, believing in yourself and your dreams, etc.) Take time doing this, ensuring that what you write is what you really want to manifest for yourself. Words are powerful.
•Repeat the process above, sitting with the stone or crystal you’ve chosen for this aspect, then placing it on top of your folded paper next to the first. Ask these energies to flow freely into the cosmos.  (Suggested crystals include: Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Citrine, or any bright stone as these help us bring in lighter, joyous energies).

•The third and final slip of paper will remain blank. Why? This piece of paper is for the unknown, for Source and Spirit, for the universe to conspire on your behalf going forward.
•Hold the paper, visualizing or imagining the word ‘Trust’ floating in the air, swirling gently from above and all around you. The energy and purity of these intentions needn’t be written. See the energy moving onto the slip of blank paper.
•Fold the paper and place your third stone on top, repeating “Trust” as you do. (Suggested crystals: Clear Quartz, Pyrite, Selenite, Angelite or any high-vibration stones as these magnify light energy).

Leave the papers in place overnight or longer. When you feel each aspect is complete, take the slips of paper and burn, shred, or bury them. Offer gratitude for the energies of completion and creation as you deconstruct this exercise, ushering out the old and welcoming the new with an open heart.
May you enjoy New Year’s Blessings with Love and Light.

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