Mother's Day Crystals

This weekend is a beautiful time to celebrate the mother energy in each of us as well as Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine.
Crystals and stones can connect us with nurturing and supportive vibrations to soothe the body and uplift the soul.
Known as a 'Stone of Wholeness," this vibrant crystal combines Fuchsite and Quartz. Rich with Mother Earth’s healing energies, Aventurine is a beautiful choice for Mother’s Day.
♥Gently opens Heart Chakra with loving vibrations
♥Encourages self-healing and empowerment
♥Calms mental chatter and anxious thoughts
♥Promotes new beginnings and personal growth
Green Aventurine reconnects us with renewing energies of earth (below), purity of the spirit self (above) and our willingness to be nurtured and healed (within). 
A vibrant “Stone of Love” and Heart Chakra crystal, Rose Quartz infuses emotions and thoughts with tender energies:
♥Promotes kindness, patience, and compassion
♥Gently releases grief, trauma, and blockages
♥Inspires self-esteem and renewed passion
♥Improves heart-centered communication and passion
A lovely Mother’s Day crystal, Rose Quartz can re-open our hearts to receive all the goodness and love we deserve.
A sweet heart-centered “Stone of Acceptance,” Rhodonite is like a mother’s love: constant, nurturing, and unconditional.
♥Helps heal past hurt with forgiveness and release
♥Renews passion and inspiration
♥Promotes courageous, heart-centered growth
♥Improves ability to give and receive love freely
Rhodonite reminds us we are never “broken” and provides healing support during difficult times, making it one of our top picks for Mother’s Day.
An earthy “Stone of Happiness,” Chrysoprase promotes inner peace, connection, and abundance ~ all the good things our mothers would want for us.
♥Opens heart to lead with love in all our relations
♥Encourages manifestation of our hearts' desires
♥Inspires authenticity and living with purpose
♥Teaches us to joyfully care for Earth and each other
Chrysoprase reminds us we are always connected to our earth mother, and it is one of our favorite nurturers for this special weekend.
However you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day, take a moment to celebrate every kind of mom in your journey.
Happy Mother's Day from our Ruby Dragon Family to yours!

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