Moonstone ~ Harmony & Healing!

One of our favorite Prescription Bracelet Bar stories speaks to the versatility of crystals and stones to help heal a broad spectrum of topics. 
A woman came in and stood in front of our Bracelet Bar taking it all in. We asked if we could help, and she told us a Moonstone bracelet had already caught her eye.
She said she noticed the Moonstone among other gemstone bracelets in our “Stress and Anxiety” section. She wondered why Moonstone bracelets were also hanging over in “Women’s Health,” “Inner Harmony & Joy,” and “Calming and Focus.” 
We love this question when it comes up!

We explained that Moonstone—along with just about every other crystal, stone, and mineral—can offer healing and benefit for many issues. Because Moonstone was the first thing to catch the woman’s attention for ‘Stress and Anxiety’ we suggested this would likely be a good match to help alleviate any symptoms associated with tension or nervousness. Moonstone soothes emotions and restores inner balance.
We explained the gentle vibrations of Moonstone also calm overactive, impulsive, or negative thoughts. That’s why these bracelets are included in the ‘Calming and Focus’ portion of our bar.
Moonstone is wonderful for women’s health, too. Associated with lunar energies, Moonstone can help regulate menstrual cycles, balance hormones, and boost fertility for those who are trying to become pregnant.
For ‘Inner Harmony & Joy,’ Moonstone’s iridescent flashes of light remind us to let our own light shine in the natural rhythms, ebbs and flows of our journeys. 
It is a beautiful healer on every level, and that is why Moonstone appears in so many places throughout our Prescription Bracelet Bar!

The woman purchased the Moonstone bracelet, and was glad to know it could address so much more than she previously thought. We invite you to come find the perfect bracelet to wear your healing on the go!

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