Mercury Retrograde Crystals!

Get ready for MERCURY RETROGRADE from July 7th through the 31st!
The effects of Mercury Retrograde can include an increase of electronic misbehavior, feeling exhausted or scattered, and miscommunication or conflict between people.
Occupying the zodiac signs of Cancer and Leo, this Mercury Retrograde amplifies the elements of Water (emotions, intuition) and Fire (passion, impulse). Amidst such influential energies, you’ll want to practice balance and moderation in all things. Trust your intuition and resist snap decisions.
Life could still be a bit of a rollercoaster this month, so we created some Retrograde “Survive and Thrive” Crystal Kits in the shop to help you through whatever comes your way!
Our Mercury kits include:
FLUORITE: Protective and uplifting, Fluorite boosts positive energy in your environment and can raise your vibration when worn. Because it activates the upper chakras from Heart to Crown, working with Fluorite during Mercury Retrograde soothes emotions, calms anxious thoughts, promotes clear communication and inspires teamwork.
HEMATITE: A powerfully protective mineral, Hematite deflects lower energies like a mirror. Rich with earth frequencies, Hematite can help you keep both feet on the ground during Retrograde. It focuses scattered thoughts and increases logical reasoning to overcome conflict with greater ease.
SODALITE: Associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, Sodalite can help you "see" and speak the truth with clarity and objectivity!
During Mercury Retrograde, Sodalite calms emotions, lessens impatience and alleviates miscommunication. It heightens intuition and creative visioning to embrace solutions over problems.
SMOKY QUARTZ: A powerfully cleansing crystal, Smoky Quartz removes emotional or mental blockages that may surface during retrograde. Highly protective, it can provide energetic and psychic shields to readily deflect negativity or unwanted influences.
Wearing or carrying Smoky Quartz during Mercury Retrograde can help you feel less scattered and more grounded.
OBSIDIAN: An energetic powerhouse, Obsidian is used in shamanic practice for releasing attachments and generating a protective force around your energy body.
Perfect for Mercury Retrograde, Obsidian continuously clears out emotional ‘junk’ or mental clutter, magnifies your intuitive wisdom, and is a beautiful manifestation aid during this planetary event.
APACHE TEARS: A gentler variety of Obsidian, Apache Tears can support your emotional highs and lows, helping you go with the flow.
Working with Apache Tears during retrograde can help you maintain a positive outlook in the face of unexpected adversity, integrating spiritual awareness to aid in your growth and expansion throughout this time.
Mercury Retrograde can be an excellent time for self-reflection and transformation.
Come on in for your Retrograde Survive and Thrive Crystal Kit today and make the most of this otherworldly occasion...or let us know if we can help you create your own custom assortment of Mercury crystals right here in our online shop!
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