Medicine Wheel Crystals

Create your own Medicine Wheel with crystals! These powerhouse crystals and stones represent each of the directions. These supportive allies will provide you with healing and transformation in every aspect of your being and in your journey!

SOUTH: Red Jasper is known as a perfect “Worry Stone” as it emits soothing vibrations to calm the emotions and settle the overactive mind. It instills feelings of serenity, security, and wholeness.
In the South, we release our past and attachments to “old story.” Red Jasper assists us in transforming traumatic experiences, outdated patterns, or residual wounds that no longer serve us.
Connected with the element of Fire and the Root Chakra, Red Jasper cleanses the aura and helps rid the body of energetic sludge or blockages.

WEST: Black Obsidian is a “Stone of Psychic Protection,” that creates a powerful shield to absorb negativity and lower energies from penetrating our beings.
In the West, we conquer our fears and confront our shadows to walk our paths with courage and integrity. Black Obsidian reflects back to us that which we must acknowledge in order to truly move forward.
In this light, Obsidian helps us to shed illusions, take responsibility for our choices, and to make necessary change as our ‘true’ and best selves.
Using Obsidian in release work can help us finalize lessons and complete past karma that may exist from other lifetimes.

NORTH: Howlite is a “Stone of Metamorphosis,” and emanates transformative energies.
In the North, we shift our awareness into the power of intention. Helping us to discover where change is necessary—and good—Howlite supports the release of limiting beliefs as we open ourselves to nurturing joy and inner peace.
Instilling heightened understanding, improved communication, and creative expression, this stone offers us valuable insights and tools to become our most authentic selves as we embrace each experience with willingness to be changed for the better.
EAST: Citrine is a radiant “Stone of Prosperity,” inspiring us to move effortlessly into possibility and co-creation.
In the East, we view from above the perfection of our journeys from a spiritual perspective. Citrine empowers us to own our projections, awakening us to our true potential.
Citrine further assists us in motivation, clarity, and strength as it calls our souls to action! Activating creativity and inspiration, Citrine is an ideal crystal to use when making significant life changes.
Citrine is a powerful manifestation aid, bringing in and sustaining abundance in every area of our journeys. It also impart feelings of generosity, which reminds us to be in the flow and pay our good fortune forward.
BELOW: Green Aventurine is a brilliant “Stone of Wholeness,” with expansive healing properties for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
From Below, we honor with Mother Earth, and Aventurine’s rich green energies remind us we are connected with all life on earth.
This deeply soothing variety of Aventurine resonates with the Heart Chakra and instills calm, balance, and happiness in our emotional centers.
Green Aventurine helps us live with courage, creativity, and positivity in any circumstance.
This marvelous ally teaches us to nurture ourselves as our Earth Mother nurtures us.

ABOVE: Blue Dumortierite is a strengthening “Stone of Fortitude,” infusing us with empowering energies.
From Above, we draw upon the light and energy of Source, infinitely linked with all of Creation in the universe.
Calming and cleansing, Dumortierite soothes the overactive mind, promotes positive assertiveness, and aids in communication with astral realms.
Associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, Dumortierite opens our intuitive vision as we come to understand we exist exactly where we are meant to be on our paths.
Further encouraging resolve, patience, and acceptance, Dumortierite allows us to see the beauty in others and in ourselves as we work to overcome challenges and integrate lessons for our ultimate growth and spiritual transformation.
CENTER: Amethyst is a high vibration “Stone of Guidance,” as it activates our Crown and Soul Star Chakras.
In the Center, we become One with Spirit in perfect harmony and balance.
Amethyst opens us to Divine communication and awareness of our true soul journeys, while helping us integrate love and light into our beings.
Amethyst assists in meditation, spiritual awareness, intuitive abilities, inner peace, healing of body, mind & soul, heightened communication, and positive transformation.
You can easily create your own Medicine Wheel with these crystals—set up a small alter space with the crystals laid out in the four directions of South, West, North and East. Place the stones for Above and Below at the top and bottom, with your Amethyst in the center.
Set an intention for your grid and activate it with either a crystal or your finger by drawing energetic lines from one stone to the next until you arrive in the Center. There, you will spiral your crystal or finger up and into the cosmos.
This fun and simple practice will surprise and delight you as beautiful synchronicities begin happening in your life!!