Mayan Crystal Healing Exercise

Crystal Healing Exercise in honor of ancient Mayan traditions! This beautiful healing experience utilizes two powerful crystal allies—Obsidian and Jade!
It was on a Mayan journey that an elder shared with us a long-standing traditional technique used in Shamanic (or Spiritual Curandero) healing work. This practice facilitates release of past attachments or suffering while imparting profound shifts in consciousness and deep inner peace.

OBSIDIAN is used in crystal healing and shamanic practices to cut away residual energies or attachments that no longer serve us. Working with Black Obsidian clears blockages in our very beings and creates space to receive that which we desire.
For this exercise, either hold or imagine a piece of Black Obsidian and scan your body with the intention of finding any blockages, cords, or residual energies you wish to clear. When you locate an area in need of attention, visualize or physically apply the Obsidian to remove obstructions.
Be sure to have a lit candle or bowl of salt water nearby. When you sense an attachment being released, cup it in your hand and place it into the flame or water to be dissipated. Bless whatever you remove from the energy body and assert it is no longer necessary for you to hold or carry within you.

JADE has long been considered a symbol of serenity, and its calming, protective qualities instill peace and love into every aspect of our experiences.
After you have completed your release work with the Obsidian, hold or imagine a soothing piece of Jade that is ready to infuse your energy body with healing light. Visualize or place the Jade upon every open space where attachments were removed and feel the tranquil vibrations filling you up with joy, abundance, and unconditional support for your highest good to unfold.
This ancient tradition is indeed a powerful AND empowering experience, and you can practice this exercise any time you feel in need of an energetic tune-up.
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