Lovers Tarot Reading

This week’s Tarot reading with Penny Harrington is THE LOVERS from the Heart Tarot by Maria Distefano.
When you are looking for a love that will last and will fulfill you, what do you look for in the other person? Attractiveness is nice, but remember that we all change as we age or as life and stress overtaxes us. What about excitement? It is fun, but you need balance and rest and to go within or you will burn out! Financial security is also a plus but it can be transitory.
Before you can find your perfect mate, you have to know yourself. This card shows us the ideal match. He is Fire, she is Water. He is Sun, she is Moon. He is happiest in the bright light, she is happiest in the misty depths. But together, they form a complete whole.
If we try to find someone who is just like us, with the same desires, interests and goals, we can sometimes be missing the boat. If you are looking for someone exactly like you, you may as well be alone. Life is about growing and being challenged by new things. Maybe what we need is someone who has the same value system, but who also brings in new experiences for us so that we can grow.
The love of my life was a fiery Aries and I am a watery Pisces. He liked to be on the go and I liked to swim in familiar waters. Before I knew how it happened, he had me hiking, going to concerts, traveling to exotic places and trying to learn to golf. On the other hand, I had him finding joy in relaxing, fantasizing about the future, discussing “big” issues, reading and listening to 70’s pop music.
This card encourages us to open our hearts and dare to find someone who will help us grow.
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