Lodestones and the Law of Attraction!

A magnetic “Stone of Attraction,” LODESTONE possesses natural North/South polarity, which provides for recognition and reception of dualities that exist in our experiences.
Lodestone facilitates balance of the physical, mental and emotional bodies and aligns our masculine/female, physical/spiritual aspects for optimal well-being.
Lodestone is most often used for its power of attraction, as it works on our behalf to magnetically draw to us that which is desired and desirable. When setting intentions with Lodestone, it is important to clarify precisely what we are choosing to manifest, always with the highest good in mind for all concerned.

Working with Lodestone can help us eliminate obstacles while simultaneously creating space for new opportunities. Especially powerful in pairs, Lodestone pieces are energetically matched and can assist in restoration of energy flow, harmonization of all Chakras, heightening intuition, and oneness with the Self, Source, and all of Creation.

The Male/Female energy associated with Lodestone pairs generates powerful positive/negative polarity (magnetism!) Used together, they assist in realignment of energy flow, and provide a harmonious stabilization throughout the physical and ethereal bodies. Lodestone connects Base and Earth Chakras to nurturing energies, aids in telepathy, meditation, and visualization. The Male aspect of the pair is pointed, triangular, or edged in shape; the Female aspect is rounder and more spherical in appearance. Together, they work in a balance of physical/spiritual; left-brain/right-brain; Yin/Yang; and many more polar energies combined to bring about the highest good.
Using your Lodestone pair: Sit quietly with the Female in your left hand, and the Male in your right hand. Set a mindful intention for the pair and express your gratitude as they work on your behalf to draw to you that which you seek. Remember, Lodestones love to be held, named, and fed! Use iron shavings, called “Lodestone food” to re-magnetize and re-energize your Lodestones with love.

Lodestones are considered to be very much alive, more so than any other stone variety. Each Lodestone should be given a name and cared for as you would any living creature in your keeping. First and foremost, they do not tolerate water, as they will rust due to the high iron content they possess. Cleansing should only be done with smoke (ie. incense, sage, etc) and/or washed with whiskey. Whiskey or any alcohol based liquid such as cologne will evaporate quickly and not cause rust to form on these wondrous beings. Salt is not good either, for any stone including Lodestone. Salt can quickly cause damage to the finish of many stones, and there is great potential for permanent damage to occur with this process.
Lodestones have long been revered as magical throughout the world. Earliest mariners used these stones as compasses, and Lodestones are still used in various navigational technologies because of their resonance with the deepest of earth's energies. 
Adding Lodestones to your own healing toolbox can align all of the chakras when placed at the feet and the crown. Placing them in crystal grids and on altar spaces energizes and magnifies the intentions put into motion.
The beauty of Lodestones truly exists in the eye of the beholder. They may appear humble, yet beneath their unassuming exterior these are amazingly powerful allies capable of helping us create and embrace profound shifts in our journeys.
Lodestones are also some of my favorite pieces in my own crystalline family, and I highly recommend experiencing the unique vibrations of these lovable stones.
We have Lodestone pairs and tumbled Lodestone in the shop. I sincerely believe you will appreciate and come to adore them as much I do!

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