Library Crystal Consciousness!

Library Crystals are identified by unusual, naturally-occurring formations on any of the sides or faces of Quartz.
The formations appear as rectangular protrusions or tiny growths on the surface of the crystal. When identifying a Library crystal, you should be able to see and feel these patterns.
Like all Quartz, Library Crystals amplify, reflect, transmit, and store information. They differ from other Quartz, however, in their unique energy and purpose.
While Libraries can be programmed with our personal energy or intention like any Quartz, the special markings on these crystals hold volumes of ancient, multi-dimensional information.

Library Crystals are intended to benefit the collective over the individual. When working with a Library Crystal, be prepared to receive messages that are meant to be shared with others.
These crystals are powerful tools for accessing past, present, and future wisdom. There is great potential to initiate healing and growth for generations to come. It is therefore important to have an open heart and mind before using a Library Crystal.

The beauty of Library Crystals is this ‘community’ energy, whereby we are called to expand our vision and intentions for the greater good of every living being on the planet.
Connecting with a Library Crystal may also provide you deeper understanding into your journey, karmic lessons, and soul purpose in this lifetime.
Exercise with Library Crystals:

Once you have your Library Crystal, you can sit or lie quietly while holding it. Ask for higher guidance to help you tune into the crystal’s vibration. You may begin to sense, hear, or feel an energetic communication coming through.  Pay attention to impressions you get from the crystal, allowing its wisdom to be revealed for your awareness. When you’ve finished, thank your guides and the crystal for any information you received.
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