Karma Clearing Crystals

Time to clean out the karmic closet!
Crystals and stones make brilliant tools for clearing away residual energies in need of healing, transmutation, or release.
We know each mineral vibrates with unique frequencies to assist us in a broad scope of personal and spiritual work. But, did you know crystals can help reveal what may be unknown even in your subconscious? These cellular, ancestral, or ancient energies could be influencing your experiences right now.
This week’s mission—should you choose to accept it—will be to work with these crystals as you liberate yourself from anything that is no longer necessary for you to carry. If you don’t have the two we’re discussing here, you can always program a Clear Quartz by holding it with your purpose in mind. (I blow into my crystals when I work with them, as I feel there is a beautiful energy exchange that takes place.)
It is important to note that creating sacred space and setting clear intentions should be done prior to working with crystals for this type of energetic clearing. Sage, Palo Santo, essential oils, and anything you feel called to use in your personal space is perfect.

What is karma? In Hinduism and Buddhism, karma is determined by our past actions in this or previous lifetimes that guides our fate in the future. Sometimes, we are aware of the potential karma we have created for ourselves.
It doesn’t really matter if you can recall every unkind word you’ve ever uttered or every misdeed from the past. What matters most is sincerity and willingness to make an effort toward mindfulness going forward.
Two powerhouse crystals for clearing karma are Auralite 23 and Dumortierite.

AURALITE 23: A beautiful “Soul Healer,” this combination crystal contains at least 17 of 23 distinct healing minerals found within its makeup.
Located in the Boreal Forest in Canada, Auralite 23 includes:
1.    Titanite  2.    Cacoxenite  3.    Lepidoscrosite  4.    Ajoite
5.    Hematite 6.    Magnetite  7.    Pyrite  8.    Goethite
9.    Pyrolusite  10.   Gold  11.   Silver  12.   Platinum
13.   Nickel  14.   Copper  15.   Iron  16.   Limonite
17.   Sphalerite  18.   Covellite  19.   Chalcopyrite  20.   Gialite
21.   Epidote  22.   Bornite  23.   Rutile
This powerhouse healer emits high vibration frequencies for DNA healing and cellular activation, restoring and recharging the physical, mental/emotional, and etheric bodies.
Auralite-23 stimulates connection with divine energies and angelic guides, linking us to higher realms and facilitating inner purification. It provides an open channel to intuitive abilities as we let go of karmic attachments to the past.
This crystal further helps us release anxiety, resentment, judgment, or depression while instilling spiritual awakening, optimism, and interconnectedness.

DUMORTIERITE: A strengthening “Stone of Resolve,” deep blue Dumortierite emits empowering energies to help us discover hidden truths and surrender illusions.
Associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, Dumortierite opens our intuitive vision and encourages spiritual understanding of lessons, trauma, or karma and brings this wisdom into our awareness.
Calming and cleansing, Dumortierite soothes the monkey mind, promotes fearless resolve, and aids in communication with the higher self.
This grounding stone instills a sense of peace with the knowing we exist precisely where we are meant to be on our paths.

You’ve created sacred space and have your crystals ready. What now?
Sit quietly or listen to a guided meditation that will allow you to relax in stillness. Hold your crystal of choice in your right hand, as this is the hand through which we release energies.
You can think or say aloud, “Let all known or unknown karmic aspects of my journey in this lifetime or any other be healed and released into the light.”
Spend at least five minutes—longer if you are able—simply permitting your thoughts to wander and images to float behind your eyes. While you can acknowledge what you think or ‘see’ do not linger too long in reverie or investigation. These glimpses are meant be moving, flowing through and out of your energy body and returned to the light.

When you are finished with the exercise, shake your arms and legs, wiggle your toes and fingers, take a long breath in—hold it—and blow it out slowly.
That’s it. Your karma closet is clean!


  • Please inform me where I can purchase auralite in
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    Thanks for the suggestions to karmic work using crystals.You did forget one very important one. An amethyst cluster.

    Blessings and love to you all.


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