Highest Vibration Crystal Goodness!

HIGH VIBRATION energy is the theme for healing and transformation this week!
There are three powerful types of crystals that have the purest light energy:
CALCITE, APOPHYLLITE, and SELENITE! Each of these contain uniquely high frequencies to facilitate cleansing, clearing, and raising our vibrations as well as continually improving the energy in our homes.

CALCITE in all its forms is known as a stone of the mind, effectively opening our consciousness to higher truth.  All colors of Calcite correspond to the chakras and our subtle bodies to clear and purge residual energies which no longer serve us on our paths of awakening.
CLEAR CALCITE is an exceptionally high vibration mineral—cleansing and purifying—as it continuously recharges our personal energy fields and the environment.
Looking through this crystal produces an optical illusion called double refraction, as the light ray is split to create twin images. It is this duplicative nature of Clear Calcite that multiplies energies programmed into the crystal for optimal healing, balance, and harmony. The doubling effect is also believed to make it a powerful tool in goal setting and manifestation work.
Clear Calcite aligns and activates all of our energy centers up through the Soul Star Chakra (above us!), connecting us with higher consciousness and universal wisdom. It further promotes clear intuitive vision, channeling, and spiritual awakening.
APOPHYLLITE is known as a stone of pure light, bringing in Divine energy through the Soul Star and Crown Chakras and integrating this pure light into our physical bodies for ultimate well-being. The energetic connection of Apophyllite to higher realms acts as link between the Self in physical form and spiritual energies, facilitating mindful awareness and universal love to fill our consciousness.
Apophyllite imparts recognition of the Truth and allows us to speak and act with integrity and impeccability for the highest good in all situations.
Also a powerful crystal for use in deep meditative states and astral travel, Apophyllite assists us in remembrance and retrieval of information obtained during out of body experiences—including access to the Akashic Record and past lives, as well as communication with guides and those in the spirit world.
This crystal further helps us reflect upon that which we create as our realities, and offers us glimpses into the future when placed on the Third Eye.

SELENITE is known as a stone of angelic guidance and is associated with the Crown and 8th Chakras. This bright white crystal activates these energy centers to connect us with our Higher Selves and Divine Universal energy.
Selenite brings Light from these higher realms into our physical body and consciousness.
A powerful purifier, Selenite energetically cleanses and charges other crystals as well as any environment in which it is placed.
Selenite vibrates with serenity, clarity, integrity and Universal Consciousness, making it an integral crystal ally for our spiritual paths toward awareness and awakening!
A natural healer, Selenite works with our physical, emotional, mental AND etheric energy bodies. Clearing away past trauma, karma, or negative energy, Selenite assists us in creating positive and transformational growth on every level!
These remarkable crystals can help each and every one of us achieve heightened awareness, healing, and transformation. We invite you to visit our online offerings and bring home these stellar, high-vibration beauties today! 

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