Gemstone "Prescription" Bracelets for Anxiety

One of our readers asked which crystals and stones she could use to help with anxiety.
Anxiety can be a persistent and unwelcome energy that affects our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
Crystals and stones like Lepidolite, Jade, Angelite, and Kunzite can alleviate the nervous feelings, overactive thoughts, or physical tension sometimes associated with anxiety.
♥Lepidolite is wonderful for alleviating anxiety as it contains Lithium, which is the same mineral used in pharmaceutical medications for Bipolar disorder, depressive tendencies, and of course anxiety…except Lepidolite is NATURE’S REMEDY.
A thoroughly soothing stone, Lepidolite emits calming, positive energies that dissipate negativity, stress, and anxiousness.
♥Jade is especially effective for anxiety as it gently opens the Heart Chakra to reduce stress and harmonize emotions.
Considered a symbol of serenity, its calming, protective qualities impart feelings of tranquility and stability.
♥Angelite soothes the soul and resonates with heavenly vibrations. It instills a sense of inner peace and self-love. It quiets mental chatter and promotes calm focus in the present.
Angelite can also help reduce insomnia or stress associated with anxiety.
♥Kunzite emits comforting frequencies of joy, love, and peace. A Heart Chakra crystal, it can relieve physical stress, nervousness, or emotional blockages.
Especially powerful in releasing fears or sorrows, Kunzite empowers us to let go of past anxieties or pain.
We recommend wearing these crystals and stones whenever possible to receive continuous healing benefit.
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