Gemstone Bracelets & Allergies

Our wet, winter weather has germinated the seeds of Spring early this year!
Many people have been coming in with symptoms of allergies that often mimic a winter cold.
Stuffy sinuses, ear aches, itchy throats, or feeling exhausted are common complaints from those who are suffering with wintertime allergies.
If you're experiencing sensitivity to the increased pollen and allergens, wearing a gemstone bracelet from our bracelet bar can help alleviate some of your symptoms. 
AMBER purifies and draws blockages or toxins from your body. It can help open the passages between ear, nose, and throat while calming irritation in your eyes or airway.
GREEN AVENTURINE helps relieve inflammation and pressure in your head and sinuses. A whole-body healer, Aventurine can boost immune defense and reduce your physical reactions to allergens or pollutants.
CITRINE is a naturally cleansing crystal that can help your body flush toxins or irritants. It can boost energy and direct healing where it is most needed in your body.
CARNELIAN emits warmth to soothe discomfort and break up obstructions in your body. It can effectively clear your stuffy head or aching ears. Orange is the complementary Throat Chakra color, making Carnelian a wonderful crystal for soothing issues of your throat.
We have these beautiful bracelets in the shop and sets available online right here!

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