Eight of Air Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot reading is the EIGHT of AIR from the Dreams of Gaia deck by Ravynne Phelan.
Eights indicate change, endings and beginnings. The suit of Air (Swords in other decks) represents thoughts, perceptions, ideas and beliefs.
Here, we see an angel balancing two daggers in his palms. One dagger points skyward, which draws upon higher wisdom. The other dagger pierces the flesh of his hand and symbolizes the ego. Though you can see the angel’s activated chakras, his wrists are bound by chains.
As part of your identity, the ego is shaped by your experiences. It can help you feel confident and certain, or it can cause you to feel unsure and afraid.
When the ego feels hurt or threatened, you may react from a place of fear or misplaced blame. A defensive ego can distort your reality and create damaging consequences.
The Eight of Air invites you listen closely for your authentic voice and inner wisdom for the wounded ego rarely speaks truth.
Challenge your ego to accept past lessons, mistakes, or challenges with grace and higher understanding.
Work with the Eight of Air this week to discern truth from ego, which will lead to improved harmony in every aspect of your life.
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