Easter Crystals For Kids!

Easter is a time of celebration for many, and for those of us who have young children no doubt the Easter Bunny makes an appearance! Baskets filled with goodies and the hunt for eggs are likely part of this tradition, too!
I came up with this idea for my own son, and it is a fun activity that can be done any time of year!
Instead of filling plastic eggs with candy, I hide tumbled stones in these bright little vessels throughout our home. Now 10, my son is officially a rock hound in his own right, and he loves scouting out new crystal beauties for his growing collection. 
This year, my son will find a variety of stones that I selected with specific intentions to assist him in his journey. He has had a challenging year in 4th grade, and I wanted to choose crystal allies to help him with confidence, focus, creativity and expression. 
Lapis Lazuli & Sodalite ~ Intuition, inspiration, communication;
Howlite ~ Understanding, transformation, calming;
Kambaba Jasper ~ Stabilizing, strength, success;
Smoky Quartz ~ Cleansing, emotional release;
Jade ~ Joy, abundance, self-love;
Apache Tears Obsidian ~ Support, clearing, centering;
Lepidolite ~ Soothing, emotionally/mentally balancing; inner peace;
Pyrite ~ Prosperity, happiness, empowering;
Black Tourmaline ~ Protection, grounding, positive change;
Chrysoprase ~ Belonging, connection, self-esteem.
These stones are marvelous crystals for children, and they are gifts my son will cherish for years to come. Tumbled stones are inexpensive, too. That means I can save the eggs from today's treasure hunt and do it again any time!
At Ruby Dragon, we have all of these beauties (and so many more!) available every day of the year!
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. 


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