Crystals for Travel

This week's crystal story is personal. I was planning a trip to the snow with my son, Lucas, and nervous about the weather conditions. 
Working with crystals, I'm familiar with stones that help with protection and calm; HOWEVER, it didn’t occur to me to put crystals in the car until I was prepared to cancel the trip. Since Lucas has never been to the snow, I really wanted him to have this experience before he returns to school next week.
I gathered up a few crystals from Ruby Dragon that I have in my collection at home, including Malachite, Moonstone, and Black Tourmaline.

Malachite is a powerful protection stone during travel. Placing a piece under the driver seat in a car offers comforting support and focus. It is a grounding mineral that can stabilize emotions or nerves in stressful circumstances.

Moonstone is another protective travel stone. It emits harmonious vibrations for sustained peace of mind. Gentle yet effective, Moonstone alleviates fear, anxiety, or nervous distraction while imparting deep inner calm.

Black Tourmaline is the powerhouse of protection. It can create an energetic shield to deflect lower energies, including undesirable obstacles or incidents.
I have had Tourmaline in my car for a long time and added a larger piece for the trip.
I strongly suggest everyone put a piece in their car for additional safety during commutes or travel on the road. 
As you can tell by my story, we at Ruby Dragon follow our own advice when it comes to using crystals and stones for assistance. 
Come on in and let our caring staff help you find your perfect crystal allies today.
P.S. Lucas and I made it safely to the snow and home again with absolutely no incident, accident, or obstacle anywhere in sight. The Moonstone, Malachite, and large Tourmaline are now permanent travel companions!

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