Crystals for LOVE

Put a little LOVE in your life! Heart-centered crystals and stones make beautiful allies to help us heal and open to the love we so richly deserve.
When we focus on loving ourselves first and foremost, we are better able to give and receive love in our relationships with others. This week’s crystal set—now available in our online shop—features a spectrum of healing energies to facilitate profound transformation in the name of love.
RHODOCHROSITE ~ Known as a “Stone of the Compassionate Heart,” this sweet, pink stone also connects with our Heart Chakra to encourage emotional healing and release.
This beautiful pink stone promotes unconditional love for Self and others, inspiring resilience as we move forward from pain and even past trauma. We often recommend Rodochrosite for people who have endured sexual abuse.
Rhodochrosite is also a wonderful tool for healing relationships, encouraging forgiveness and acceptance in the process of healing old emotional wounds or unproductive patterns that may exist.
UNAKITE ~ A "Stone of Connection" and vision, this green and pink stone is one of the most powerful,--yet gentle--emotional and spiritual healers.
Especially helpful for mattes of the heart, Unakite balances Yin/Yang, Fire/Water, Male/Female energies to actively connect us with our highest vibrations while remaining calmly grounded.
Unakite also helps us release conditions that no longer serve us and opens us to spiritual awakening and psychological growth.
RHODONITE ~ A sweet heart-centered “Stone of Acceptance,” this pink and black stone emits nurturing vibrations to inspire loving awareness in every circumstance.
Similar to Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite helps us let go of past pain, trauma, or abuse. Infusing us with forgiveness and compassion for the self and others, this balancing crystal soothes the emotions with peaceful energies.
Useful for relationships, Rhodonite can help us see another’s point of view, promoting harmony and empathy for one another. Rhodonite can help improve positive communication, helping us to speak and live from the heart rather than acting or reacting in anger or fear.
Opening our hearts to freely give and receive love, Rhodonite also inspires acceptance in our journeys without expectation or attachment to the outcome.
RUBY ~ A fiery “Stone of Passion,” Ruby stimulates the Root Chakra, inspiring security and stability through this energy center. It can raise Kundalini or life force energy to heighten libido and vitality.
Also a Heart Chakra stone, Ruby instills forgiveness and unconditional love, bringing about gentleness of spirit with understanding and acceptance of lessons as they unfold. It encourages release of past hurts through loving compassion for self and others.
A beautiful healer, Ruby boosts physical and mental energy, alleviates exhaustion and encourages positive feelings in both our relationships and toward life itself.
Ruby is a remarkable crystal that stirs us to love fearlessly, as it is through the energy of love that we will manifest our hearts’ deepest desires!
ROSE QUARTZ ~ Called a “Stone of Love” for obvious reasons, this rosy crystal purifies and opens the Heart Chakra to promote kindness, compassion, and deep inner healing.
Rose Quartz emits nurturing energies and instills universal, unconditional love throughout every aspect of our beings.
As Rose Quartz helps us release old pain or trauma, it is also an excellent emotional balancer that can elevate our moods and clear any energetic blockages that may be lingering.
Rose Quartz strengthens empathy, sensitivity, and confidence as it improves communication, understanding, and even passion in relationships.
Rose Quartz is one of our favorites when it comes to all matters of love!
PEACH MOONSTONE ~ A “Stone of Light,” all varieties of Moonstone emit reflective energy to help us discover hidden truths on our soul paths.
As a love stone, this peachy beauty soothes the emotions and can alleviate low self-esteem, depression or resentments. It will also help to eliminate any worry or fear we may be holding in our hearts.
Moonstone opens the Crown Chakra to integrate higher wisdom into our beings. Especially powerful in matters of love and relationships, Moonstone harmonizes spiritual understanding with earthly experiences.
This luminescent stone allows us to speak the truth with courage and love.
SMOKY QUARTZ ~ If it is time for an emotional or spiritual "house cleaning," this crystal can help us release blocked energies as it roots out residual or stuck emotions.
Smoky Quartz is a powerful crystal for protection, grounding, and personal transformation. An amazing healer, this quartz activates and aligns our energy to propel us fearlessly into new experiences.
This gorgeous quartz also rids our physical and energetic bodies of fear, grief, anger, stress, and any issues that may prevent us from feeling our best.
Smoky Quartz elevates the soul to new heights, and from this perspective we are better able to practice unconditional love as the most important force in our lives.
If you’re ready to embrace the power of love in your journey, you can find this gorgeous set here:

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