Crystals for Anxiety

It seems in today’s busy world, more of us are feeling the pressure of time and the mounting demands to keep up. With stress becoming a frequent and common experience, people come into the shop and often ask us what crystals or stones can help with anxiety.
Anxiety can be a persistent and unwelcome energy that affects our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. My own experience with anxiety has been helped by a variety of crystals, and I love wearing our “Prescription” gemstone bracelets as well.
Anxiety manifests uniquely in each person; however, crystals and stones can alleviate the nervous feelings, overactive thoughts, or physical tension sometimes associated with anxiety.

JADE: What an awesome stone for so many reasons! Jade has long been heralded as a good luck crystal and is purported to bring in abundance of our choosing.
For anxiety, Jade resonates with our Heart Chakras to reduce stress while cleansing the emotional body of blockages.
Jade aids in shifting our self-imposed limitations into expansive, empowered intentions and actions.
Jade has long been considered a symbol of serenity, and its calming, protective qualities instill peace and love into every aspect of our experiences.
This healing heart-centered stone helps reduce stress and anxiety, heals the nervous system, and improves memory and dream recall.
TURQUOISE: Another spectacular anxiety stone, Turquoise imparts positive feelings of stability, Turquoise promotes peace and calm. This remarkable stone can alleviate worry, stress, and nervousness when worn or carried.
Long revered as a stone of wisdom and love, Turquoise helps us to speak our truth with clarity and compassion. Often, we experience anxiety when we aren’t using our voice, making Turquoise a powerhouse ally for the Throat Chakra.

LEPIDOLITE: Probably our number-one recommendation for alleviating anxiety, Lepidolite has Lithium in it. The Lithium in Lepidolite is the same mineral used in pharmaceutical medications for Bipolar disorder, depressive tendencies, and of course anxiety…except Lepidolite is NATURE’S REMEDY.
A thoroughly soothing stone, Lepidolite emits calming, positive energies that dissipate negativity, stress, and anxiousness.
Lepidolite facilitates deep emotional healing, release, and stress reduction. This cleansing stone also assists in overcoming dependency of any kind, relieves physical tension and exhaustion, and strengthens the immune system.

KUNZITE: A gentle and exceptional whole-heart healer, Kunzite emits comforting frequencies of joy, love, and peace.
A high vibration stone, Kunzite draws energy from divine realms through the Crown Chakra and channels Light into the Heart Chakra to relieve stress, nervousness, or emotional blockages.
Especially powerful in releasing fears or sorrows, Kunzite empowers us to let go of past anxieties or pain.
Working with or wearing Kunzite offers protection from negativity. It is beneficial for all issues associated with the heart, physically strengthens the heart muscle, and emotionally clears away grief or heartache.

ANGELITE: One of my personal favorites for anxiety, Angelite is a form of compressed Celestite that helps restore inner balance and clarity.
Helpful in soothing the soul, Angelite resonates with heavenly vibrations and instills a sense of inner peace and self-love. It quiets mental chatter and promotes calm focus in the present. Angelite can also help reduce insomnia or stress associated with anxiety.
I sincerely LOVE my Angelite bracelet and wear it almost every day!
These are just a few of the marvelous crystals that we have tested and suggested regularly for anxiety. You can find bracelet combinations right here on our website, and other crystals like Kunzite, Lepidolite, and Jade pieces to add to your collection!

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