Crystal Skulls and Higher Consciousness!

In the shop, we are often asked about what crystal skulls “do” and why they are primarily carved in our likeness. This week's message answers some of the common questions and curiosities about them!
Crystal skulls have long been revered in both ancient civilizations and through the ages into modern times. Often considered to be shrouded in mystery and mysticism, crystal skulls possess unique energies and abilities to assist us in our journeys.
As representations of higher consciousness, our human experience with life, death, and rebirth, as well as gifts from Mother Earth herself, crystal skulls are powerful beings capable of facilitating deep awareness, connection, healing and transformation.
Like other crystals and stones, each skull contains a unique vibration and energy. There are significant differences, however, in the manner with which crystal skulls reflect, refract, transmit, attune, store, and amplify information.
In his book Crystal Skulls – Expand Your Consciousness, Jaap van Etten, PhD, explains these important characteristics and how we can better connect with crystal skulls:
 ♦Reflection- crystal skulls encourage insight and remembrance of who we are as beings of light and our purpose here on earth.
 ♦Refraction- crystal skulls allow us to see ourselves in a different ‘light’ as various aspects of the Self are revealed.
 ♦Transmission- through activation and connection with a crystal skull, it both sends and receives energy from us to the universe and back again for heightened integration of wisdom and guidance.
 ♦Attunement- crystal skulls resonate with our personal vibration, including our subconscious and higher awareness to support our growth and transformation.
 ♦Storage- crystal skulls are record keepers of the earth and the cosmos, emitting powerful healing frequencies and ancient knowledge of this and other realms.
 ♦Amplification-the attention and purpose involved in the creation of crystal skulls exponentially expands and magnifies all energy. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain positive intentions in the highest good for all concerned whenever we work with a crystal skull.
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