Crystal Healing for Animals


Often when we think of crystal healing or using various stones and minerals for well-being, we may not consider using them on our animals.

Crystal healing for pets and animals can be an amazing experience. We have had numerous customers come into the shop asking what stones can help their pets with a variety of issues. We create custom combinations and place crystals in wire pendants that easily attach to collars. The results are incredible.

One woman brought in her rescue dog that had experienced severe abuse at the hands of his previous owner. The dog was traumatized, shy, and skittish around people. We gathered Rhodonite for emotional healing, Moss Agate to soothe tension, Citrine to impart joy, and Lepidolite to ease anxiety. The woman placed the wire cage on her dog’s collar and thanked us.

A week later, she returned with her dog and expressed his behavior had remarkable improved. When she used to take him for walks, he would jump at the sight of strangers on the street. Now, she told us how much better he was doing going places and allowing people to approach him.

Another recent story of healing animals through the use of crystals comes from my friend, Codi. She works with horses, and recently called me because a mare was experiencing significant pain and restriction of movement. I reminded her to use her knowledge of crystals and intuit what stones might benefit the horse.

What happened next is pretty amazing. Codi called me later to tell me that not only did she employ the use of crystals on the mare, but that the horse had picked out her own stones! When Codi lined up a series of crystals, the mare nudged a large piece of Rose Quartz with her nose.

Codi used the Rose Quartz around the Throat Chakra, where she sensed the mare was holding much of her tension and pain. The horse responded so well to being ‘brushed’ with the Rose Quartz, she was able to move her neck more freely than she had been able to do before. Rose Quartz is a gentle crystal, imparting love and healing where it is most needed.

These stories are beautiful reminders that crystals truly can facilitate healing and transformation.

Crystals are incredibly powerful tools for all of us, including our pets and animals. If you have an animal in need, we are always happy to help you find their perfect crystal ally to assist them in feeling their very best.

Pictured below is one of my rescue babies, Buddy Guy, snuggled up with his very own Rose Quartz...he loves all of his crystals, too!