Crystal Healing Exercise ~ Winter Light!


WINTER is upon us, the nights grow longer, and we may miss the long, sun-soaked days of Summer ~ yet we can harness our inner light to shine through the seasons. Using crystals to enhance our vibrations can help us feel joyous and “sunny” all year round!

CRYSTAL HEALING EXERCISE: This simple, effective practice takes just a few moments to set an intention of lighthearted energy, and can be done any time you need an emotional, mental, or spiritual tune up!
This exercise offers the most benefit if you can lie down, and any of your crystals or stones will suffice (Note: Citrine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz are wonderful crystals to use if you have them!). You will need 6 or 7 stones total.

Place one crystal or stone beneath each foot so they are touching or very near the soles; lying back, place one crystal above the crown of your head, one on your Third Eye (between your eyebrows), and hold one in each hand—for a total of 6 stones. If you feel called to add a 7th for your Heart Chakra, place one crystal there as well!

Close your eyes, listen to your breath as it slows in rhythm, in and out. Say or think to yourself, “I am Light, only Light, Divine Light. I allow my inner Light to shine, always.” Repeat this affirmation as you feel the crystal energy flow in from the Universe, through the top of your head, opening your Crown and Third Eye Chakras, into your heart and hands, and down through your physical body into your feet as you are connected with Mother Earth. You are loved and supported, and you are a being of Light.

Once you feel refreshed and recharged, remember to finish the exercise with gratitude for the crystals, for the Divine energy that flows through you, and also for your Self in making this time to be nurtured possible!