Crystal Grids & Mercury Retrograde

Crystal Grids can provide empowerment and clarity (and even delight!) as Mercury enters Retrograde later this week.
This otherworldly occurrence from July 25th through August 18th may bring forward some unusual energies right here on earth.
This sometimes pesky and unpredictable period during Mercury Retrograde actually offers us beautiful opportunities to make some stellar personal and spiritual shifts this time around.
Mercury is going to be encouraging us to explore our inner truth and hearts’ desires with a sense of urgency in the coming month. If there is room to grow, now is a powerful chance to begin (or begin again!).
Of course, crystals and stones can provide vibrational support to help us create necessary, positive, and lasting changes during this temporary planetary event.
Creating a crystal grid for grounding and harmony is a powerful tool to make the best of what could be a cosmic roller coaster ride over the next several weeks.
You can absolutely choose any crystals and stones that resonate with your individual intention; the pictured grid is simply a guideline to help you get started.
The example shown here also lends itself to heightened awareness and abundance well beyond Mercury Retrograde:
• Amethyst ~ Crown Chakra awakening and intuition
• Lapis ~ Third Eye visioning and manifestation
• Citrine ~ Solar Plexus empowerment and joy
• Aquamarine ~ High Heart activation and spiritual grounding
• Pyrite ~ Crown and Soul Star prosperity and well-being
• Clear Quartz ~ Amplification and magnification of intentions
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