Crystal for Aura & Chakra Clearing

This week, Sharon Degnan answers a question about how to repair an aura and clear blocked chakras.
Your aura encompasses the area around your physical form. It is your personal energy field.
Your primary seven chakras are aligned from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. These swirling ‘wheels’ of energy influence physical health, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual well-being.
Tears or blockages in the aura and chakras may result in feeling depleted or imbalanced.
Sharon suggests a simple and effective exercise to remove blockages or tears while restoring energetic flow:
Pick a crystal that corresponds to the affected chakra. Below are suggested stones, and you can choose these or any others you like!
♦Root Chakra ~ Red (Jasper, Ruby, Garnet)
♦Sacral Chakra ~ Orange (Carnelian, Sunstone)
♦Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Yellow (Citrine, Yellow Jasper)
♦Heart Chakra ~ Green or Pink (Aventurine, Rose Quartz)
♦Throat Chakra ~ Blue or Light Blue (Angelite, Aquamarine)
♦Third Eye Chakra ~ Dark Blue, Indigo, or Purple (Lapis, Sodalite)
♦Crown Chakra ~ Purple, Gold, or Clear (Amethyst, Clear Calcite) 
You can also use a cleansed Clear Quartz crystal for any of the chakras in place of choosing specific colors.
1. Hold the crystal and make a scrubbing motion over the chakra to remove blockages
2. When the area feels clear, clean your crystal in salt water. Dry the crystal.
3. Move the crystal in a clockwise motion and draw a spiral around the space you just cleared.
4. Visualize the chakra healed and your spirit body working at its optimum potential.
There are many methods people can employ to repair the aura or restore flow in the chakras. Sometimes, the “why” of a blockage needs to be explored.
Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy, crystal healing or shamanic sessions can help you in the healing process. If you need assistance, please call one of our talented practitioners for an appointment or come on in!
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