Create An Altar of Gratitude

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One of the practices we're suggesting this week is creating an altar space of Gratitude.
Putting an altar together is easy and can be a beautiful way to display an intention of thankfulness.
The altar pictured above shows you a simple yet energetic design that takes just a minute to create!
You can also make a more elaborate altar like the one pictured below!
1. Find crystals or stones to represent the 4 directions, plus one as a centerpiece.
(Red, Yellow, Black, and White are some of the traditional medicine wheel colors, you can choose any colors that symbolize gratitude for you.)
2. Add some items to represent the elements (a feather for air, a leaf for earth, a candle for fire, a seashell for water). Be creative in your choices. The altar itself can symbolize the element of ether or spirit.
3. Write a note of gratitude or add a photo of someone or something for which you are thankful.
A gratitude altar will add positive energy to your space and your awareness.
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