Cosmic Healing and Transformation!

Experience otherworldly forces and earth energies combined in these incredibly high vibration beauties! TEKTITES and METEORITES emit cosmic frequencies that can facilitate profound shifts in our journeys.


MOLDAVITE is a Tektite known for its transformative properties. This magical crystal ally is the remnant of a massive meteorite which struck the earth in Czechoslovakia nearly 15 million years ago.

Working with or wearing Moldavite imparts intense awakening as our Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras are activated by its presence—therefore, those who choose Moldavite as a crystal ally must be grounded and ready for the powerful and amazing experiences sure to come about. 

This stone has been called the “Holy Grail Stone” due to its unique ability to help us undergo remarkable change in every aspect of our spiritual paths.

Also a highly protective stone, Moldavite shields us from negativity and infuses our energy with positive light as we become increasingly open to shifts in our awareness. 


LIBYAN GOLD TEKTITES were formed 28 million years ago near what would become the Egyptian/Libyan border, and are the result of Saharan Desert sand instantaneously fused into glass by the intense heat of an inbound meteor. 
Libyan Gold Tektites help us integrate and release past lessons or karmic attachments while encouraging mindful presence, clear intention and heightened intuitive vision. 
These extremely rare Tektites emit unique properties to ground us in the physical plane while providing access to higher realms, and are powerful tools for manifestation and spiritual journeying. They further align every Chakra and emit Golden Ray spirit energy, creating a renewed sense of belonging and purpose. Tutankhamen and other Egyptian Pharaohs wore Libyan Gold Tektites for protection and the purported magical powers they possess, and believed these amulets provided divine guidance in this realm as well as into the afterlife. 


BLACK TEKTITES are known by many names around the world, called “Ambassadors of Highest Order” sent to earth to heal and remind us that all things are interconnected.

They are also called “Stones of Light” capable or removing dis-ease from cellular and psychic memory, and “Stones of Sensitivity” to open our awareness and attunement to the universe and the perfection of Spirit.

Regardless of name and origin—which is presumed to be meteorite yet remains mysterious—Tektites have been used in diverse cultures for centuries as powerful healing stones, good luck talismans, meditational and spiritual aids, and to access alternate realms for wisdom and guidance.

Tektites stimulate intuition and provide whole-body healing when placed on the Third Eye Chakra. These remarkable stones facilitate empowerment and awakening, and instill in us a sense of guardianship and responsibility for the highest good on Earth and within our hearts.

Stones of synchronicity, abundance, and manifestation, wearing or carrying Tektites can help boost and clarify intention, drawing to you that which you desire!


CAMPO DEL CIELO METEORITES are found in Argentina and date back 4,000-6,000 years ago when the molten cores of asteroids made impact with Earth in this region. These Iron-Nickel meteorites have the same composition as the Earth’s magnetic core, making them incredibly powerful stones for grounding as well as connecting with higher realms.

The frequency of Iron-Nickel meteorites is associated with our Earth Star, Base, Third Eye, AND Crown Chakras, using electrical energy to stabilize higher vibrations and opening our consciousness and inner vision to support our spiritual journeys.

Physically, meteorites increase our stamina and strength while promoting optimal circulation and healing throughout our bodies. Emotionally, these otherworldly stones offer protection and balance as we expand our awareness of the cosmos and ourselves!

Truly unique gifts from beyond, meteorites will add a wonderful element to your crystal collection and healing.


OUT OF THIS WORLD HEALING is available to us through these gifts from the cosmos. We have an abundance of Tektites and Meteorites in the shop, and invite you to come experience their unique energies for yourself!