Conversations with a Crystal Skull!

Crystal Skulls, Aztecs, and Lemurians!
(This is an amazing Crystal Skull Encounter and definitely worth reading!)
When you work with Crystal Skulls, you may receive messages you don’t fully understand. Depending on your level of curiosity and investigative spirit, you can often discover meaning to these messages that may surprise and enlighten you!
Grace shares her experience with a Brazilian Quartz Crystal Skull that includes ancients, light beings, and more:
“When I first held this Brazilian Quartz skull, I felt unsure of what message I might receive. The first message sounded as if the skull was speaking to me in tongues. When I asked the skull to speak to me in a language I could understand, this is what came through:
He was an Esoteric Skull and was connected to Lemuria. After some research, we discovered the Lemurians had gone underground during the great floods across earth where this crystal was infused with light codes.
The skull went on to say the Lemurians shared energy with the Aztec people who attempted to build giant pyramids that were washed away. Some of the smaller Aztec pyramids survive today.
The skull carries the knowledge of these ancestors.
The next thing this skull had me do was something completely out of my comfort zone. It had me speak in tongues and told me to record it in talk text on my phone to see what was translated. This is what was said:
"Show love letters and I grabbed this man David out that outside than this scale land them and in death. Lim Yang symbol in Toulon - this can be the tale.”
Grace discovered the word “Toulon” meant Tula, a small city in Mexico where ancient Aztec statues stand to this day.
Grace believes that the name David has to do with the "Star of David" drawn as the 13th Chakra of the planet on world energy grids. (See photo!)
“Lim Yang” sounds like Yin Yang, for which the Aztecs had a symbol called Into Pialic Into Chimalli (See photo!).
This Crystal Skull told Grace all the historical events are linked back to Lemuria and even Atlantis.
Grace believes the wisdom of these ancients is once again available to us for expansion and awakening.
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