Clear Quartz for Transformation!

Amplify your energy and intentions with Clear Quartz!
An extremely high vibration crystal, Clear Quartz radiates Divine Light and Divine Knowing to better manifest that which you desire in the highest good. Optimal well-being in mind, body, and soul is available through the healing energies of Clear Quartz, and working with or wearing these crystals can positively shift your consciousness and experiences.
Clear Quartz also magnifies the energies of other crystals and stones, making it a powerful tool for a variety of purposes, including:
♦Crystal Grids ~ Using Clear Quartz in tandem with specific crystals can assist in sending your intentions outward. For instance, if you create a grid for abundance with Pyrite, Aventurine, Jade, and Citrine you can also place small pieces of Clear Quartz between the stones as a ‘pathway’ to connect and multiply the energies of these crystals!
♦Healing ~ Using Clear Quartz in body layouts for healing also promotes clearing of blockages or residual attachments in the subtle bodies while repairing the aura. Clear Quartz can help you bring to the surface and clear that which has been concealed, whether you are in need of emotional release, spiritual cleansing, or physical healing. It further assists restoration of wellness and wholeness with clarity of what is needed for the best possible result.
♦Home ~ Clear Quartz can powerfully cleanse and recharge your environment with increased vibrations. This remarkable crystal heightens awareness and sensitivity to one another, making it an effective tool for harmony and connection in relationships.
♦Meditation ~ Holding Clear Quartz during meditation can help you achieve deeper states of consciousness and also aid in recollection of messages or impressions received. Clear Quartz is a record keeper of Mother Earth, as well as a vehicle for storing information from other realms. Working with Clear Quartz can enable you to tap into these frequencies and to come into alignment with Truth and Light. It also clears the mind of clutter and imparts steady focus.
♦Sleep ~ As this crystal also acts as a record keeper for your personal energy, placing Clear Quartz under the pillow can stimulate vivid lucid dreaming and assist with detailed dream recall.
Clear Quartz is a must-have crystal for any crystal healing or spiritual practice. Let the positive transformation begin by finding your special piece in our online shop -- we ship!

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