Chakras and Crystals

Crystals and stones are beautiful allies for cleansing, activating and healing the Chakras. There are seven well-known Chakras in the centerline of the physical body that determine the overall health and well-being of our energy bodies. Working with the stones included in our Chakra sets can assist you in rebalancing and harmonizing every day! 

These Chakra Healing Crystal Sets include 7 flat medallion crystals and stones that are perfect for crystal healing or even for creating crystal grids.
Each of the Chakras are represented with their corresponding color in these gorgeous sets, and they come with a beautiful Sari pouch for safe-keeping and travel!
The following are included in every set:
Base/Root Chakra ~ Red Tiger Eye: awareness; motivation; protection; energy flow;
Sacral Chakra ~ Orange Carnelian: vitality; reproductive organs; release; peace;
Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Yellow Crazy Lace Agate: restoration; self-acceptance; concentration;
Heart Chakra ~ Green Bloodstone: cleansing; courage; creativity; dream recall;
Throat Chakra ~ Blue Sodalite: mind/body harmony; heart-happiness; focus; calming;
Third Eye Chakra ~ Purple Lepidolite: anxiety/stress relief; increased vibration; transition;
Crown Chakra ~ Clear Quartz: higher consciousness; clarity; transformation; clearing.
Ideal for meditation and body layouts, these Chakra sets are portable so you can also take your healing on the go! Find these gorgeous gifts in our online shop--we ship! 

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