Carnelian Healing!

Versatile and powerful, luminescent Carnelian connects with the Sacral Chakra and so much more!
Known as a “Stone of New Life,” Carnelian can benefit a variety of healing needs, from alleviating menstrual cramps to inspiring creativity, releasing negativity to  boosting overall vitality!

Connected with the color ORANGE, the Sacral Chakra is our emotional/sexual center, contains our dreams or ambitions, and influences our intimate relationships.
Working with Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra can strengthen a sense of connection and intimacy in relationships, clearing residual blockages or trauma from this energy center.
Boosting individuality and independence, Carnelian promotes courage, confidence, and self-nurturing.
Carnelian can improve fertility and stimulates sexuality. It has long been used to assist in successful conception and healthy pregnancy, just one of many reasons it is referred to as a crystal for ‘new life.’
A crystal of ambition, Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra can support our efforts toward achieving and receiving success, prosperity, and abundance.
Carnelian emits harmonious and creational energies, imparting emotional balance, renewed inspiration and passion for life.
This radiant crystal rids the emotional/mental bodies of negative patterns, attachments, anger, and apathy.
It sharpens mental focus, and heightens intuition to trust “gut instincts.”
Carnelian is a wonderful stone for love, partnership, and inner peace.
This is an area of healing where Carnelian truly shines!
As a warming mineral, wearing Carnelian allows soothing vibrations to direct healing where it is most needed in the physical body.
Carnelian can relieve pain associated with the lower back, rheumatism, arthritis, and neuralgia.  It can help restore flow in the blood, organs, kidneys and bladder; it may also improve vitamin and mineral absorption.
This lively stone also increases strength and endurance, both physically and mentally. It can encourage powerful resolve to overcome any challenge or obstacle with greater ease.
If you have yet to add Carnelian to your crystal healing practice or collection, this is one multipurpose beauty we know you’re going to love!

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