Back-to-School Crystal Healing

CRYSTAL HEALING EXERCISE for Back-to-School week!
Back-to-School can be hectic as well as exciting. Crystals and stones are perfect for a quick energy tune-up!
This exercise can be done just about any time, and only takes a minute. If you have even a small crystal collection, you can swap our recommendations for something similar.

Stone #1: Choose a cleansing crystal like Smoky Quartz, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Kyanite or Obsidian. Hold this first crystal in your LEFT hand to receive the clearing vibrations.

Stone #2: Choose a grounding crystal like Hematite, any kind of Jasper, Tiger Eye, Onyx, Garnet or Bloodstone. Hold this second crystal in your RIGHT hand to collect any residual energies that will be released.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a count of 5. Hold your breath for 5, and exhale slowly for another 5. Feel your body relax and unwind as you continue inhaling, holding, and exhaling for 5-5-5. You will repeat your breath work at least 5 times…be sure to slow your breathing with intention.

When you feel the crystals have cleared and recharged your energy, give your body a little shake from head to toe. This quick exercise is an easy go-to any time you need a boost—wonderful for Back-to-School and the whole year through!!
Remember to cleanse the crystals or stones you use with sage, Selenite, sunlight, or salt water.
We have all these energetic beauties available in the shop, including SHUNGITE HARMONIZERS that are perfect for continual clearing and recharging of your whole being.

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