Azurite Awakening!

An activated Third Eye Chakra promotes heightened awareness and intuition. AZURITE is one of the most powerful crystals to open this energy center with high vibration, clearing frequencies.
When we choose to work with Azurite, we must be conscientiously prepared to meet personal fears or blockages head-on. Clarity of intention is also important before utilizing Azurite for Third Eye awakening.
Azurite's crystalline structure has enhanced ability to penetrate the subconscious, directing light where it is most needed for healing and transformation. Its Third Eye counterparts like Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli are also wonderful tools for more gentle stimulation, yet Azurite reigns supreme for effectuating more immediate results.
Azurite creates open pathways between the Third Eye Chakra and the higher mind to allow truth and wisdom to flow freely into our awareness.
Placed at the occipital ridge (base of the skull at the neck), Azurite can root out attachments to the past--including past lives--as well as phobias, trauma, or karma in need of clearing. We must remain open and ready to process all that Azurite may bring forward for transmutation or release.
Azurite placed on the Third Eye (located between and slightly above the eyebrows on the forehead) increases intuitive visioning and psychic abilities. Intuitive visioning is a key component to manifesting what we desire; when we can "see" it, we can achieve it.

When used in tandem with Amethyst on the Third Eye, Azurite can calm mental chatter and soothe worry. This beautiful pair connects the conscious self to inner guidance, permitting access to the cause and effect of patterned behavior or lessons that may exist.

Azurite and Malachite are complementary crystals to use in body layouts and on the Third Eye as well. When used together, they infuse the energy body with harmony, healing, and transformation. This powerhouse combination further clears emotional blockages that may be interfering with intuitive wisdom.
Azurite Crystal Healing Exercise:

Place or visualize an Azurite crystal on your Third Eye Chakra. Imagine vibrant blue light entering into this energy center and streaming through your body, calming and soothing every fiber of your being as it moves. Allow your thoughts to wander, focusing your attention on your Third Eye. Let colors and images appear before you, and acknowledge any emotions that may come forward. The radiant blue light penetrates your awareness and clears your body of any blockages with ease. Your awareness opens to higher understanding of your journey; you are a witness to the divine perfection of your soul unfolding in every moment and every experience. You have the power to release anything you no longer wish to carry, directing these energies into the Azurite for complete and peaceful surrender. 
Your Third Eye is open now, and your vision is clear. You are a powerful co-creator in your life.You can call upon this Third Eye awakening anytime, and trust your intuitive sight to guide you!

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