Autumn Equinox Crystal Healing

Equinox” is Latin for “equal night” as light and darkness are balanced evenly today.
It is a beautiful opportunity to work with crystals and stones as we embrace this time of introspection, reflection, and intention.
The Equinox supports rediscovery of our potential and dreams, and to live with greater presence in all we choose.

One exceptional crystal ally for the Equinox is Clear Quartz, due to its ability to reflect, transmit, record, and amplify our energies.
You can also choose any crystals to support both release of the past and bringing new intentions to light.
This quick and easy crystal healing exercise allows you to lovingly review your experiences so far this year and how to best honor your purpose now. 
Sit quietly holding your crystal, close your eyes and calm your breathing. Let your thoughts float through your awareness until they begin to grow quiet. Enter a space of stillness within, focusing only on this moment. Breathe in, breathe out, relax.
Coming into your center, ask for guidance to show you the perfection of where you have been, the beauty of where you are now, and the infinite possibilities of where you see yourself in the future.
When we view our journeys from a place of balance and harmony, we come into peace with every experience, knowing we are on the right path. Obstacles or challenges present opportunities for us to grow both personally and spiritually.
As you discover a clear intention you wish to bring forward, blow this energy into your crystal.
Finishing this exercise, offer gratitude for the guidance you received and open your eyes.
Place the crystal in a special place where you will see it often to remind you that all things are possible.

Today we affirm:
The past falls away as leaves from a tree;
Hold onto your roots and sweet memories.
Balance is branched between shadow and Light
Autumn is calling, let new seeds take flight.
Equinox Blessings, One and All!

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