Aura Crystals Color Our Lives!

HOW’S YOUR AURA?! You can receive a continual Aura tune up with any of the breathtaking Aura Quartz crystals. 
As beautiful as they are energetic, Aura Crystals are natural Quartz combined with precious metals to create unique healing properties.

ANGEL AURA ~ Platinum and Silver lend to the celestial appearance and angelic vibrations of this gorgeous Quartz. It is a wonderful tool for spiritual practices including meditation, communicating with divine realms, integrating wisdom, and angelic contact!
This crystal also instills peace throughout your energy body, benefiting overall physical health, recovery from illness, and emotional well-being!
AQUA AURA ~ This gorgeous crystal is a synergistic combination of Clear Quartz fused with Gold and is an excellent energy generator.
The electric teal-blue color of Aqua Aura Quartz connects with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. This is THE crystal for anyone manifesting abundance, promoting clarity and creative visioning. Physically, this crystal can be used to treat throat problems, stress-related physical or mental illness, depression and anxiety disorders, and immune system issues. It can also help dissolve anger, trauma, or resentment, gently replacing these emotions with feelings of love and forgiveness.
ROSE AURA QUARTZ ~ Your energy will be feeling “rosy” with this Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum and Gold. It imparts gentle and uplifting vibrations that will have you feeling fine in no time!
Rose Aura Quartz connects with the Heart Chakra and pineal gland, producing feelings of self-love and self-worth while eliminating past issues around body image, trauma, and even heartbreak. The Universal Love flowing from this special Aura Quartz helps create emotional, mental and spiritual balance as we remember to nurture ourselves.
Physically, Rose Aura Quartz can assist in the removal of negative energy that has manifested in the body as dis-ease, and is a wonderful aid to treat insomnia and restore vivid dreaming by placing a piece under the pillow.

SOLAR AURA QUARTZ ~ Explore limitless possibilities using this Clear Quartz fused with Copper (and sometimes Gold/Iron) that together create dynamic and expansive energies!
Solar Aura Quartz is ideal for spiritual journeyers, as it is linked to the realms of Higher Self and Divine Light for opening the Crown Chakra and imparting insightful perspective! Also associated with the Base, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras, this gentle yet stimulating crystal clears energy blockages and boosts creativity and empowerment while uplifting the spirit.
Solar Aura Quartz recharges cells and enhances strength and vitality. The warm, radiant energy also helps oxygenate the blood, remove toxins, and calm digestive issues.

APPLE AURA QUARTZ ~ Happy Heart Healing with this unique crystal, a vibrant combination of Clear Quartz and Nickel that ushers in emotional joy and physical well-being!
Apple Aura Quartz taps into the Heart Chakra to facilitate deep healing and recovery from emotional distress, illness, or grief. This gorgeous green crystal reflects light back to us, reminding us to send out loving energy in order to receive it in return. It can also help overcome lingering or negative emotional ties that no longer serve our highest good.
Apple Aura Quartz connects with the spleen, boosts the immune systems, and helps us “clean house” by eliminating negative influences or energy vampires in our lives. Highly protective, this crystal can be worn or carried during times of travel or to shift a bleak environment into a positively charged space.

TITANIUM AURA QUARTZ ~ High vibration energies surge from this Clear Quartz fused with Titanium (and sometimes gold). This crystal enhances the aura and activates the rainbow body. Connecting with all of the chakras, it restores balance and harmony in the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects of our beings.
A crystal of personal power, Titanium Quartz promotes positive intention and action, quieting the mind and encouraging higher vibrational attunement for the highest good to unfold.
Useful for meditation, altered states of consciousness, and lucid dreaming, keeping Titanium Quartz close during these activities heightens awareness and recall.  It also cleanses the organs and removes blockages in the subtle bodies to facilitate improved wellness and overall health.
LAVENDER AURA QUARTZ ~ A gorgeous lilac-colored crystal resulting from fusion of Clear Quartz with Magnesium and Platinum.
This crystal activates and opens our 6th and 7th Chakras at the Third Eye and the Crown, promoting heightened awareness and psychic talents.
Lavender Aura Quartz can help us overcome low self-esteem or mental blockages and to appreciate ourselves and the things around us.
Emitting constant flowing energy, this crystal can enhance meditation, stimulate imagination and creativity, and help us connect with higher vibrations of consciousness.
A soothing healer, Lavender Aura Quartz can boost our metabolism and circulation, as well as alleviate headaches due to tension or migraine. Using this crystal in grids can magnify our intentions and manifestations, bringing forth that which we desire or dream!
All of the Aura Crystals are unique in the ability to strengthen our personal energy fields as well as providing support for our spiritual journeys. If you have yet to experience the incredible vibrations  

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