August Crystals for Your Spirit!

As the 8th month of the year, August signifies completion and transitions. This is an opportune time for healing the past and clarifying your intentions for the future.
August invites you to step outside your comfort zone and to embrace new experiences for your personal growth and spiritual expansion. We have crystals and stones to help you do just that!

A powerful indigo “Seer’s Stone,” IOLITE is associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras to enhance intuitive vision and clarity in communication.
♦Strengthens your ability to “see” and speak your truth
♦Promotes discernment and assists in wise decision-making
♦Clarifies intentions before you act (or re-act!)
♦Deepens meditation, vivid visualizations and meaningful recall
♦Releases limiting perceptions and outdated beliefs
♦Removes attachments to past relationships, experiences, or projected outcomes.
Expand your spiritual light with transcendent TANZANITE, a high-vibration crystal connected with the elements of Water, Fire, and Storm.
Tanzanite’s unique energies can help facilitate deep healing, growth, and transformation:
♦Activates Throat & Third Eye Chakras
♦Encourages authentic and courageous communication
♦Heightens intuition and psychic abilities
♦Soothes stress, anxiety, and malaise
♦Enhances harmony at home or in the workplace
♦Infuses energy body with vitality and repairs aura
♦Reduces inflammation, headaches, and tension
As a Throat, Third Eye, AND Crown Chaka stone, LAPIS LAZULI imparts high-vibration benefits:
Attracts unexpected windfalls of abundance
Awakens spiritual insight to life purpose
Inspires new ideas and endeavors
Alleviates moodiness, vertigo, and insomnia
Encourages positive, clear communication
Aids throat, ear, sinus, circulatory and respiratory issues
TURQUOISE is a versatile healer that can help you overcome fears and gently encourages empowered change. It can help you attract good fortune and prosperous new beginnings:
♦Promotes healthy boundaries with self and others
♦Protects from undesirable energies and dissolves negativity
♦Encourages empowered and authentic communication
♦Stimulates inner harmony, peace, and calm
♦Clears energetic or physical blockages to restore vitality and balance
♦Opens awareness to necessary AND positive change
Embrace the transformational energies of August with these and other empowering crystal allies. 
May your August be your best month yet! 

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