Ancient Earth Crystal Energies

We know crystals and stones are the result of various minerals and elements coming together over long periods of time within the earth. Each and every one of the innumerable crystals from around the globe contain unique properties that have the potential to help us on our paths of healing and wellness.
While ALL stones and crystals can be considered ‘record keepers’ of earth’s history and energies, today we are exploring some of the oldest minerals and fossilized crystals that are believed to hold ancient wisdom from eons ago.
How do these ancient beauties assist us in contemporary times? Let’s look at a few!

NUUMMITE (aka Nuummit): Known as a “Stone of Continuity,” Nuummite is the oldest living mineral which formed over 3 billion years ago. It is only found in Greenland, making it a relatively uncommon mineral.
Flecked with gold inclusions blanketed in grounding energies, Nuummite connects us with the heartbeat of Mother Earth as well as the wisdom of the cosmos.
This high vibration stone creates circular energies entering through the Crown Chakra and continuing down the physical and ethereal body to the Root and Earth Star Chakras. This spiraling flow Nuummite instills in us continuously links us to our spirit selves as well as astral realms, increasing intuition and higher understanding.
Nuummite helps us to ‘get out of our own way’ as we recognize that any limitations put upon us are self-imposed and readily discarded if we are open to expansion and positive transformation.
Used in healing, Nuummite improves memory and intellect, relieves pain, purifies the circulatory system, and aids in tissue regeneration.
If you have yet to experience this ‘golden oldie’ for yourself, I recommend adding Nuummite to your crystal healing practice or collection. Nuummite is one of my personal favorites for its diverse applications—grounding, meditation, release work, communicating with guides, AND intention setting—I utilize this gorgeous stone for all these things and more.
AMBER: Though not technically a crystal, Amber has an abundance of beneficial properties for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
As a fossilized tree resin, Amber contains ancient earth energy. Wearing or meditating with Amber brings wisdom and understanding into our awareness, assisting positive change and alignment in our spiritual journeys.
Amber cleanses, purifies, and draws negative energy from our bodies and our environment while imparting joy, balance, energy and strength!
Physically, Amber treats throat and digestive issues, heals the nervous system, and eliminates toxins in the body. It is also used to alleviate symptoms associated with menopause and strengthening of the intellect.
Amber necklaces have become very popular with parents of teething babies, and we know several moms and dads who swear by its immediate soothing energies.
JET: A “Stone of Purification and Protection,” JET is actually fossilized driftwood dating back as far as 180 million years ago, and has been used as a healing talisman throughout the ages.
As this stone holds ancient wisdom, Jet connects us to timeless earth energies through the Root Chakra and imparts feelings of centeredness and balance. This makes Jet an ideal stone for focusing our attention and intention on our purpose in this lifetime.
Highly protective, Jet shields us from negativity on every level and absorbs unwanted energies. It allows access to past lives and aids in clairvoyant and spiritual work. Also extremely healing, Jet brings emotions and lessons to the surface, clearing away grief, fear and attachment to lesser energies.
As Jet purifies the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies, it is useful for cleansing our auras and instills overall well-being. Stimulating the free flow of Kundalini energy from the Root Chakra up through the Crown, Jet improves both biological and spiritual health as any blockages in the body are removed.
Working with Jet encourages inner growth, increases self-reliance, and eases change in any area of life. It is a powerful tool for spiritual advancement and awareness and can facilitate positive and lasting transformation on our journeys.

TURITELLA AGATE : An incredible "Record Keeper" stone, this breathtaking variety of Agate radiates healing energy and ancient wisdom of Mother Earth within its fossilized form. Wonderful for accessing the past and bringing spiritual awareness to light, Turitella Agate can help us become more connected to our path and purpose.
A protective stone, especially during travel, Turitella Agate also imparts stability, security and self-confidence.
A remarkable healer, this lovely agate balances the emotions while imparting stability, security and self-confidence.
Physically, Turitella Agate eases fatigue, treats skin issues like insect bites or rashes, assists in vitamin absorption, and may relieve swelling in hands and feet.

Bringing these ancient wisdom-keepers into your healing practice can be empowering, insightful, and liberating. As we honor Earth’s history through her crystalline beings, we become better equipped to honor and lovingly release our own history…and to live most fully in the gift of the present.

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