Abundance Crystal Grid

We recently added a new feature to our Facebook page called Messaging Monday, inviting our readers to ask questions about crystals, healing tips, and more!
This week's Messaging Monday answers a question about which crystals are best for creating an abundance grid.
Some stones we recommend for an abundance crystal grid are Citrine, Pyrite, Aventurine, Jade and/or Moss Agate.

•Green stones like Aventurine, Jade, or Moss Agate represent growth, fertility, and are the color of money, of course!

•Citrine imparts confidence and motivation, which are necessary elements when we wish to grow prosperity. We must believe ourselves worthy of abundance if we want to receive it!

•Pyrite glitters like gold, which lends itself to the intention of an abundance grid. Pyrite is known as a ‘Stone of Abundance’ due to its ability to help us attract AND sustain success or prosperity.
Creating an abundance grid is easy.

•Place your crystals in a Lemniscate pattern (which is a Figure 8 or Infinity symbol) while focusing your intentions on the goals, endeavors, projects, or new beginnings you have in mind.
•You can place small Clear Quartz seed crystals between your primary stones to link and magnify their energies.
•Activate your grid with a single or double-terminated crystal as you "draw" energetic lines from one stone to the next, repeating your intention as you go.
These and other grids can be done anytime for nearly every intention. You can also find a complete Abundance Crystal Grid Kit in our online shop!
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The complete Crystal Grid Kit Includes:
6 Citrine: Joy and Prosperity
6 Aventurine: Growth, Health, and Wealth
6 Pyrite: Attraction and Sustenance
16 Madagascar Crystals: Amplification of Intention
1 Clear Quartz Standing Point ~ Magnification & Pure Light
1 Sari Pouch

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