Laurine Tonkin

Laurine Tonkin is an Intuitive Medium offering readings and healing sessions at Ruby Dragon. She hosts Full and New Moon Ceremonies each month in Morro Bay. Laurine has most recently begun an empowering new Goddess Rising Workshop series.

Stay up to date with Laurine's offerings on our Classes & Events page.

Laurine offers the following services by appointment or walk-in! 

Intuitive Reading/Mediumship

$75 (30 min.)  / $125 (60 min.) 

Angel Tarot/Intuitive Reading

$75 (30 min) / $125 (60 min.)

Intuitive Healing Session

$125 (60 min.) / $190 (90 min.)

Crystal Healing Session

$125 (60 min.) / $190 (90 min.)

Integrated Energy Therapy®

$125 (60 min.)/ $190 (90 min.)

Reiki Session

$125 (60 min.) / $190 (90 min.)

Chakra Balancing

$125 (60 min.)

Space Clearing/Crystal Grids

$150 and up

Phone Readings by appointment

Reiki Certification (call for price)

♥Combo Package: Reading/Healing

30 min. Reading & 60 min. Healing: $190

60 min. Reading & 60 min. Healing: $250


For appointment, call: 805.801.7002



Laurine  is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Color Therapist and Intuitive Healer who spent several years developing her healing skills.  She is passionate about helping people transform their lives. 

Laurine developed a form of healing she calls Sacred Heart Healing Touch where she works with Angels, Spirit Guides and your loved ones on the other side to bring you guidance and healing.  This healing process helps release energy blockages that are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential of health and happiness in this lifetime. 

In Sacred Heart Intuitive Readings, Laurine is a clear channel for your angels, guides and loved ones to come through, providing you with information and messages that will help you on your path to wholeness.  Sessions with Laurine may include any of these modalities depending on what is needed for your highest good at this point in time.


  • Yes Cathie, we can do this in person or over the phone which ever you wish :)

    Laurine Tonkin
  • hi, my name is cathie and i wanted to have a reading but was wondering if you could do it over the phone. i live in pismo beach and its a drive to morro bay. if not i can come there.

    cathie sluski

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