Two Pentacles Tarot Reading

This week's tarot card with Penny Harrington is the Two of Pentacles from the Illuminati Tarot by Erik C. Dunne.
A nicely dressed young man appears to be juggling two pentacles connected by an infinity symbol.  He has his back to two ships on a wind-tossed sea.  The ships appear to be coming in to shore.  They are both flying yellow and blue banners, which resemble the colors in the man’s clothing.  Pentacles are about earthly resources such as money, health, jobs, and other such things.  The number 2 is about balance and partnership. 
This could mean that the man is trying to juggle his finances and his health at the same time.  Or, because there is an infinity sign around the pentacles, it could mean that he does it all the time.  Why does he have his back to the ships?  Is he afraid that they will not bring in the resources that he needs?  Everything is unsettled in this card.  So many unknowns.
Where in your life do you feel that you are always juggling resources?  What are the unknowns you are turning your back on?  Do you have your hopes pinned on storm-tossed dreams?  This situation needs the balance of the number two. 

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