TRUST Oracle Reading

This week’s Oracle Reading is TRUST ~ SPIRIT PATH OF THE SOUTH from the poignant Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck by Linda Ewashina.
The medicine path of the South is the place where we shed our past and return to a space of innocence and wonder. When we surrender pain, trauma, and old stories in the South, trust is restored in our hearts and souls.
The message today invites you to embrace three energies of the South:
♦Personal Space ~ Create an altar or space in your home with special objects, photos, and crystals. Set it up where you can see it each day as a reflection of your inner beauty and dreams.
♦Openness ~ Practice vulnerability. Ask for help or assistance if you need it. Express your truth. Share your love. Open your heart to new beginnings.
♦Faith ~ Write or draw one aspect of your past you wish to release and one aspect you wish nurture now. Call upon guides, angels, and Great Spirit, knowing without doubt that you are guided and protected.
Today, examine the areas of your life where you have been holding back due to mistrust or painful experiences. As you let go of the past, TRUST that you are loved and supported every step of the way.
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